Safe And Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes
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Use of herbs, proper diet and lifestyle changes constitute natural remedies for hot flashes. Women approaching menopause or after menopause suffer from this problem, some women who have suffered from breast cancer or have taken surgical menopause also face this problem. The sudden intense heat at face and upper body and later heavy perspiration is experienced by women during this problem.

Intensity of heat and perspiration can vary from person to person, some women may have hot flashes which are easily manageable while for some it can be so intense that they might have to seek medical attention. However hot flashes can be problematic as they can occur at any time and they stay in a woman's life for many years. The reduction in estrogen hormone is the cause for hot flashes which confuses the hypothalamus which acts as a thermostat of the human body. The rise in the body’s temperature is over reacted by the brain causing sweating and faster heart beat.

Any dietary supplement or herb which can elevate the levels of estrogen naturally in a woman's body acts as natural remedy for hot flashes. There are many herbs which have been used to supplement or produce estrogen hormone. These herbs are ginseng, licorice roots, sarasparilla, black cohosh, chaste berry, damiana, motherwort and spearmint, all of these herbs contain plant estrogen which is helpful in elevating estrogen levels to cure this problem.

These herbs can be used in proper doses according to one's requirement in the form of capsules or tablets or even in the raw form for beneficial effects. However women suffering with this problem due to breast cancer or surgery shall take their doctor’s advice before using them as they might contradict with an ongoing medicine.

Increases intake of soy products in the diet also provide ample quantity of plant estrogen to work as natural remedy for hot flashes. Tofu is also recommended in the diet to increase estrogen production in the body, this food supplement contains rich sources of phytoestrogens, the estrogen supplementation coming through herbs and food is safer.

Flax seed is available at every food store and its use is a good natural remedy for hot flashes, this is also helpful for women suffering with breast tenderness, cramping and other PMS symptoms, consumption of red clover is also very useful as it also contains rich sources of phytoestrogens. Taking vitamin E as supplement also works as natural remedy for some women suffering with hot flashes. The dosage of supplement shall be worked out with doctor's advice.

Exercises and relaxing techniques can also help in reducing the frequency of hot flashes and reduce their intensity within manageable limits. Breathing exercises, Yoga and meditation helps in relaxing mind and body and also controlling heating of body. Dressing up with clothes made up of cotton instead of silk or synthetic, using cotton bed sheets and keeping chilled water always close to sip down whenever one feels body heat increasing. Avoiding smoking, alcohol, spicy foods and sweets can keep the levels of pinephrine under control to reduce frequency of flashes.

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