Safe Sex Tips And Methods That Everyone Should Know
Dr Andrew Napier • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 4 min read

Safe sex in the literal meaning of the word should be completely safe that is 100% fully done with all the accompaniments, the pleasures and rigor. But what sex is that safe without a margin of error? In the world of now and age it will be a surprise to realize that. Virginity now is being lost very early, teenagers are getting babies left right and centre, sex clubs and cottages are all over in the cities; what other Sodom and Gomorrah are we expecting to see?

For here and now what are these risks we are suppose to take note of? Unwanted pregnancies, HIV infection, venereal diseases, cancer of the cervix, infertility, other sexually transmitted diseases etc. are the main titles to watch, for any one who wants to practice unsafe sex. For safe sex therefore, practice or do the following:

  1. Practice masturbation; this is 100% safe and there will be no day you will complain to the doctor with regard to any infections associated with lovemaking. This is you and you alone single handed; no panicking, no stress and after all if there will be any side effect, medical practitioners are there to sort you. Most certainly this will be far much later in life.
  1. Petting with your hands. This sounds interesting to teenagers especially and does not carry any risks at all. You can do this as often as you like after all the organ is all yours and at your service.

  2. Petting with the mouth; this is oral sex and while it is relatively safe because it cannot make you pregnant, it can pass on diseases. Infections like gonorrhea, herpes and any other localized diseases will definitely pass. HIV has also been confirmed to get transmitted though not as much as when it is vaginal or rectal lovemaking. In other words it is still relatively safe. If unsure put on a dental dam to reinforce protection against infections.

  3. Use a condom. This protection is firm and can withstand any physical bruises internally to some extend. It is safe as long as you wear it properly. Condoms are important and must be used when you go with someone you are not sure of. It is for irregulars and the unfaithful. Condoms are there for both sexes now. The protections should be used for the entire lovemaking and not inserted halfway. Care must be taken if expired or not worn properly, it may puncture and the likelihood of pregnancy or infection may resurface again.

  4. Use a diaphragm or cap. But in this case for sure you will be infected if your partner is not clean but you will not get pregnant.

  5. Oral pills for contraception. Pills are proven beyond any reasonable doubt that no pregnancy is possible and if you are a frequent user, at least you are comfortable and free from stress.

  6. Avoid too much alcohol, you know very well alcohol is a sedative and tends to open all gates for floods to enter. Many infections and pregnancies occur in the name of having unprotected sex when drunk. HIV has messed many who largely acquired it when not themselves. Take note of the spiked drinks often targeted at women by crooks with ill intentions. With alcohol, many miseries follow that tear lives into pieces so take care and exercise extra caution.

In summary, stay away from pregnancy and infections or both by practicing good sex behavior. You can decide to be monogamous for better results or make a wise choice among the alternatives provided.

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