Salary Account Hacked
Cute Girl • onInformation 10 years ago • 2 min read

One of our employee's HDFC salary account has been hacked and the funds got debited without individual's knowledge.

Upon inquiry with our bank, we found that such hacking can take place on account of the following factors:

1] If one access his/ her bank account in public internet cafes (which are certainly not safe).

2] There is a chain of mails from Nigeria, which prompts one for charitable transfers, for which they send you the home page just like your banks home page, for you to authenticate your user name and password; this way you make your password convenient to an unknown user and your bank account becomes prone to hacking.

3] We were informed that when you use net banking and simultaneously have 2-3 browser windows opened, it becomes convenient for the hacker to hack the bank account. Therefore to avoid such mishap, please use virtual keyboard given on the net banking screen.

4] Your password is too obvious (based on your available details and information) which can be easily anticipated.

Please take precautions when you undertake any online transactions. Inform your banker if you receive any such mails. HDFC Bank has added new security measure for the users using Third party transfer, do click on the link and activate it.


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