Salary Hikes Are Back In 2010
Sunny • onManagement 9 years ago • 2 min read

Words like attrition,retention and job switch which had become taboo since almost two years ago are making noise yet again. The employees who were waiting for the economy to bounce back before jumping boats are busy again. With the IT market slowly picking up and hiring all set to increase in 2010, the cheer is back on employees face and the HRs are worried again to retain their key employees.

The story at one of the biggest IT employer in India, TCS is very bad. The attrition rate is at 21% and employees who are quitting are being asked to hold on with their papers for a day or two in order to maintain a decent monthly attrition figures. HRs in such firms are already in soup and it is an uphill task for them from here on.

The retention bonus is all set to make a come back like a phoenix and 2010 will surely see hikes for all employees. US companies have already declared that 2010 would be the year of pay hikes.

2010 would be the year of IT companies fighting over hikes and retaining its employees, at least thats how it looks from now on. Let’s hope this prediction holds true.



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  • Guest 9 years ago
    Few months before due to job cutting and economic crises, IT & Software Company is badly hit in whole over the world. But now it's stable. During that time i am not getting a single call for interview but now I am getting lots of call from different sources like Times & other job portal.