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Samsung is one of the leading television brands in the present market today. It is one of the most respected brands around the world and is among the bestsellers in the television manufacturing industry. Presently, Samsung has attained the first position for the continuous effort they have put in producing quality TVs at the very reasonable prices. Samsung has manufactured some of the best LCD TVs and have even made more advanced and better models in the recent years. Let us have a look first at some of the previous television model ranges available from Samsung.

LCD Televisions available from Samsung range from Series 3 to Series 7. Samsung LCD TVs are light, slim as well as stylish. They deliver detailed, sharp, smooth and crystal clear image quality. Within the five series that the brand offers, there are several sets each with different features and attributes. Series 7 which is the latest series offers a TV LCD that is 46 inches and gives amazing picture quality.

If you happen to purchase an LCD TV manufactured in 2009, you will find it to be approximately 14% more energy efficient compared to other models from the same brand. One of the major advantages these TV units get over other brands is that these models are manufactured without making use of mercury. An important feature of a Samsung TV LCD panel is their pixel response time. They have a much faster response time which gives a very smooth display.

Series 6 which came before the latest series offers 16 different TVs. These are really affordable and an ideal 19 inches TV unit can be purchased for as little as Rs.10000. These are a great choice for small spaces such as small bedrooms, workout areas or kitchens. These television units do not give blurry images as far as fast action scenes are concerned. When viewed on these televisions, images look realistic and very natural. No matter how you are viewing the television whether over the air or through cables you will see sharp and crisp images.

Series 3, 4 and 5 offer different LCD televisions which vary in price and also in size. These also offer sharp images and are energy efficient which will help you save on power bills. If you are planning to buy a Samsung LCD TV, it is important that you search online for their prices and also compare their features.

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