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LG has launched budget touchscreen phone LG Cookie. Surprisingly, the phone was an instant hit and woke up other sleeping giants. Nobody believed that there is such a big market for touchscreen phones in the budget. LG Cookie is quite a bargain with a touch screen, loads of features and gadgets at very affordable price. Unsurprisingly, Samsung has had to respond. Thus was born, Samsung Tocco Lite - Samsung's answer to the LG Cookie.

Samsung Tocco Lite is coming 6 months after the start of the LG Cookie. So, Samsung Tocco Lite has much better hardware and features. Right? WRONG! Samsung Tocco Lite specs are very similar to LG Cookie and expensive! So why should you buy Samsung Tocco Lite and not LG Cookie; Let us know.


Phones are so similar in size. In fact, screens are also identical in type, size, and color and definition pixel. Tocco Lite has a 3 inch high resolution screen and TouchWiz user interface on the Samsung. This works well enough for the Tocco Lite. TouchWiz technology has now matured sufficiently important. There are mobile widgets that allow you to customize the home screen of your phone and provide easy access to applications like clock, weather, etc.

Apps on MySpace

, Facebook and YouTube are also provided for those who can not live without social networking. It has built-in accelerometer sensor will automatically rotate the screen when the phone side, so you can easily switch between portrait and landscape modes just like the LG Cookie. The virtual QWERTY keyboard is easy to use. Since, of course keys for calls, send and select the work is much easier than a full touchphone. The phone also supports handwriting recognition and a lock gesture.

Samsung Tocco Lite has a 3,2 megapixel camera with digital zoom. Smile Shot feature allows you to take a picture when your subject smiles. You can also edit your photos on the camera itself. A basic camera is also available. Music player, FM radio with RDS, as well as support for downloadable MP3 ringtones available. The sound quality is first class with a virtual 3D effects surround, an equalizer and support for Dense. The memory is comparable to the Cookie, and is expandable up to 16GB card microSD. Connectivity options are also similar - Bluetooth and USB. There is no WiFi, not 3G. The browser is excellent and large screen make it a joy. It has easy access to RSS feeds, the Google Mail, the Google Search and Google Maps.

The absence of RG can blemish your experience on the internet, but this is a budget phone and you can not get everything. Battery life is fine.

Overall this is a good touch of the budget of the phone screen, which is almost identical to LG Cookie. Both have similar features and size. There are no clear winners in this war.

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