SAP Business One Localization In India
Nick Mutt • onSap 9 years ago • 2 min read

SAP Business One (B1) has more than 10 thousand installations worldwide. In India, SAP B1has some implementation, localization and customization challenges. SAP B1 is purchased from Israel based company, SAP B1 has such nice features as Multilanguage in one database/company, multicurrency, MRP, Production, Manufacturing, Service Management, CRM, integration with MS Office on COM level, Drag and Relate. SAP B1 is required Microsoft SQL Server database platform.

Localization: Tax structure in India is a hassle for any ERP vendor. SAP B1 is designed effectively; SAP B1 object model structure still required a lot of development efforts to localize SAP B1 tax structure to Indian tax code. SAP has a global strategy, while developing Indian tax structure. It plans to use the same flexible construction to adopt/localize SAP B1 to other market like Brazil, where we have similar issues (uniqueness of the tax code).

SAP B1 has a named user flat license fee. You can start with just one user license. SAP B1 has integration gateway to SAP, which makes this product attractive for franchise network, where you consolidate franchisees into central ERP. There are some limitations with SAP B1 viz, they don’t have payroll, project accounting, retail management, POS, and process based manufacturing.

SAP B1 specially targets the SME customers in India. Because SME organizations prefer the software with low cost, good performance, lower TOC (total cost of ownership) better look and feel and last but not the least brand.

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