SAP Business Warehouse Topics
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  1. Fundamentals: What is NetWeaver? What is BI? What is SAP BW or Business Information Warehouse? What is SAP R3? Decision support in an Enterprise. Decision support v/s Operational Reporting. OLTP v/s OLAP. Fundamentals about working of SAP R3. Fundamentals about working of SAP BW.

  2. Functions of BW: Reporting (Decision Support and Operational), Open Hub (Supply Data to External Applications), Planning (Business Planning and Simulation – BPS). SEM–BPS is now BW-BPS. BW as EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse).

  3. Data Modeling: Data modeling concepts. Concepts behind various Data Models used in OLTP and OLAP. Why different Data Models? MDM v/s ERM. Extended Star Schema used in SAP BW.

  4. SAP BW Terminology: Communication Structure in SAP R3, Extract Structure, User Exit, Transfer Structure, Datasource, Source System, PSA, Transfer rules, Communication Structure in BW, Update Rules, Infocube, ODS (Operational Data Store), Infoobject, Master Data (Attributes, Texts and Hierarchies), Characteristics and Key Figures, Infoprovider, Datatarget, Infoprovider v/s Datatarget, Infoarea, Application Components, Administrator Work Bench, Multiprovider, Infoset, Bex Query, Infoset Query, Classic Infoset.

  5. Data Flow: How the data flows from Source System in to BW? Data Flow Diagram for SAP R3 OLTP System to SAP BW. Types of Updates – Direct v/s Flexible. How the elements described above are used in Data Flow?

  6. Infoobject: How to create Infoobject? Types of Infoobjects. Characteristics and Key Figures, Master Data, Special types (Unit/Currency, Date), Data Structures in Infoobject. How to Load Data in to Infoobject? How is the Infoobject used in Reporting? Global Transfer Routine – How to use Global Transfer Routine? Why it is used. Management of overlapping Master Data from Multiple Sources. Creating Direct Update Infosources Automatically. Infoobject as Infoprovider.

  7. Types of Updates: Additive, Overwrite. Where to maintain update type for Datasource? Which objects use these update types (ODS/Infocube?Master Data)?

  8. Infocube: How to create an Infocube? Types of Infocubes (Transactional, Basic, Remote/Virtual), Data Structures in an Infocube. Update types for Infocube. How is the data updated in the Infocube? Virtual Key Figures.

  9. ODS Object: How to Create ODS Object? Structure of ODS Object. Updste types in ODS Object. Update Mechanism. Data structures in an ODS Object.

  10. Infosource: Creating Infosource, Update and Transfer Rules, Update Routine, Transfer Routine, Start Routine, Start up Routine.

  11. AWB – Administrator Work Bench: Functions of AWB – Modeling, Monitoring, Reporting Agent, Transport Connection, Documents, Business Content, Translation, Metadata Repository.

  12. Transports: How transports work in BW. How to create Transports? Efficient ways to create Transports in Different Scenarios.

  13. Business Content: Standard Business Content in R3 and BW. Transferring Datasources and Application Component Hierarchy in R3. Replication of Datasources. Activation of Business Content. How to Activate Business Content – various Scenarios.

  14. Data Extraction Using Flat Files: How to generate Transfer Structure from Communication Structure? Loading Data using Flat File.

  15. Data Extraction from SAP R3 – Data Collection: Transaction Processing in SAP R3. Update types in SAP R3. How “Delta” is managed? V3 Control. Direct and Queued Delta. Update Mechanism in SAP R3. Manipulation of Data in SAP R3. Transaction User Exits, LIS User Exits. BW User Exits.

  16. Data Extraction from SAP R3 –Application Specific: Infrastructure needed for loading data – Datasource, LO-Cockpit Datasources, COPA, FI-SL, FILine Item Extraction, LIS Extraction.

  17. LO-Cockpit Extraction: Demonstrate each step in data extraction by performing transactions in SAP R3.

  18. Data Extraction from SAP R3 – Generic: How to Create Generic Datasource? Delta Management. Generic Delta.

  19. Data Extraction from SAP R3 – Maintain Datasource: What is - Direct Access, Delta, Inversion, Selection, Field only…, Hide. How to Maintain Datasource?

  20. Data Extraction from SAP R3 – Modifying Data: Manipulation of Transaction Data / Master Data / Texts / Hierarchies. How to program in User Exit? Concept of Project. Function Modules used for Data Manipulation.

  21. Modify Datasource: Demo the process of modifying Master Data Source by adding additional field and filling it with Data in BW.

  22. Data Extraction from XML Source: XML Integration, Creating Flat File Datasource and generating Myself Datasource. Create and Maintain “Delta Queue” in BW System.

  23. DB Connect: Concepts.

  24. Data Mart Interface: Extraction within BW System. ODS to ODS, ODS to Infocube and Infocube to Infocube Extraction.

  25. Open Hub Services: Infospoke, Create and Schedule Infospoke. BW as Open Hub or Data Hub.

  26. Performance Management: How to improve performance of Data Load and Query? Partitioning. Indexes in Infocubes and ODS’s. Aggregates on Infocubes. Compression.

  27. Production Support: Monitoring Jobs, Process Chains, Event Chains, Infopackage Groups, Creating and Triggering Events, Common Problems, How to Fix them.

  28. BW Presentation – Queries: Bex Analyzer, Query Designer, Queries in standard Excel Front end, Functions, Formulas, Calculated and Restricted Key Figures, Tabular Display. Query Views. Exception Reporting.

  29. Web Interface: Launching Queries in Web Front end. Building simple Web site for launching Queries.

  30. Web Application Designer: Web Templates. Creating Web Template with Company Logo. Adding more than one Query in a Web Page.

  31. Reporting Agent: Demo - Scheduling a Query with exceptions to run at certain time and send e-mail with the result as attachment.

  32. Report to Report Interface: Also known as RRI or Query Jump. Jump from Aggregate to Detailed Query with selections from the Aggregate Query.

  33. Q & A: Q & A on all topics covered.

  34. Exercises: Exercises on BW Configuration, Extraction and Presentation. Also, Important exercises are available in Audio Visual format on the website.


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