SAP BW Integration
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Analysis of BW support navigation facilities integrated to BW 3.0

OLAP BAPI: SAP BW 3.0 comes with the OLAP BAPI Interface (OBI) which provides functions that can be used by third party reporting tools to access BW Info cubes. It provides an open interface to access any information that is available through OLAP engine.

Integrating with XML: OLAP BAPI serves as the basis for the SAP implementation of XML for analysis. It is an XML API based on Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) designed for standardized access to an analytical data provider over the web. The XML interface introduced with SAP BW 3.0 release accepts XML data streams compliant with the SOAP. Unlike all other SAP BW interfaces in XML interface the actual data transfer is initiated by the source system.

Open Hub Services: The Open Hub Service allows controlled distribution of consistent data from any SAP BW InfoProvider to flat files, database tables and other applications with full support for delta management, selections, projections and aggregation. Open Hub Services have InfoSpokes as their core metadata objects. With the SAP 3.0 release InfoSpokes have become generally available.

Content Management Framework: The SAP Web Content Management Server stores unstructured information that users can go through and use efficiently. Integration with the SAP BW content management framework provides an integrated view on structured and unstructured information to the end user.


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