SAP BW Storage Service Layers
Sunny • onSap Bw 12 years ago • 1 min read

Understanding the role of storage services layers in architectural model

  • Master data manager: Master Data Manager generates the master data infrastructure containing master data tables as well as master data update and the retrieval routines. It also maintains master data and provides access to master data for use by SAP BW reporting components and for exporting to other data warehouse services for analysis and access services.

  • ODS Manager: ODS manager generates ODS data object infrastructure. It maintains an active data table for maintaining ODS object data, a change log for every update applied to the ODS object data as part of application process and provides access to ODS object data for SAP BW reporting and analysis functionality.

  • Archiving Manager: The Archiving Manager stores unused, dormant data in an archive with the help of Archive Development Kit (ADK). ADK is connected to the SAP BW via Archiving Manager. It also keeps track of relevant metadata such as Infocubes and ODS objects which possibly will change over time.

  • InfoCube Manager: It serves the function of generating the InfoCube Meta tables. It maintains InfoCube data tables and provides access to InfoCube data tables for SAP BW reporting and analysis.


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