SAP Pricing Fundamentals - II ( Account Key , Statistical Flag & Print Flag )
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Account Key

When an invoice is created, the finance departments wants the corresponding Sales, expenses, tax accounts etc to be updated on the fly. The account key in the pricing procedure ( with the help of Account Determination ) helps in identifying which G/L account this should the amount flow into. A simple example could be

Account Key Description Customer A/C Group Material A/C Group G/L Account ERL Sales Wholesale Consumables 1000040 ERL Sales Wholesale Stationery 1000050 ERS Discounts Wholesale Consumables 1100040 ERS Discounts Wholesale Stationery 1100050


This is a flag ( A Check mark ) that is used to signify if the pricing condition type is being used in the calculation or not. For example, the actual cost of the material ( not the price but the cost price ) is available in all pricing procedures, since this is used by Controlling ( CO ) to evaluate profitability. However, the value should not be relevant when pricing to the customer. So, if you need informational condition types for further analysis set them up in the pricing procedure as statistical.

Print Flag

The print flag is another check mar that is used to tell SAP if the particular pricing condition type should be printed on the final bill or not. As discussed in the previous example, the cost condition type should not be printed on the invoice. With the advent of advanced technologies like SmartForms, Adobe Forms etc, this flag has almost no use ( Since what is printed and what is not is decided mostly by these programs ).

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