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saree is merely a long piece of unstitched fabric donned over a blouse and a petticoat (underskirt). It has neither sleeves nor trousers. Saree (Sari), an Indian wear makes a woman look graceful, stylish, elegant and sensuous.


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    Whenever Saree ads are flashed out in TV during commercial break or in newspaper, first name that struck most of the people mind is Surat. Surat saree has made a resemblance and its worthiness to stand out in all odd environments. Saree in Surat are manufactured is large amounts. Huge chunk of profit in terms of revenue to the state government and Central government are being given by Saree industry form Surat. As times moves on much ups and downas came as the government exchange hands in India, but still Saree industry in Surat has walked over all the terms and hiccups to make it face shine like a sunflower in the Saree industry. With the development in technology new machinery are being taken into by the owner of Saree factory to make the Surat Saree Industry produce good and high quality of Saree and give people the desire and their choice of Saree to wear.

    May whatever be the occasion Saree are the first choice of ladies but all of them who wear it doesn’t know that this Saree are being manufactured in Surat. Surat gives to the world a clothing that is unique in all form is Saree