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Send Free SMS & MMS (for Airtel In only) from your mobile phone-

Free SMS a. Firstly activate the free SMS on your Airtel & than you'll get 400 A2A free SMS. Now deactivate this service after 7 days & then again restart this on very next day. You'll get 1200 free SMS A2A.

b. Other trick is that go to Message Setting -> Text Message -> Profile Setting & than change Message Centre Number to +9810051905. Remember this FREE SMS centre number works on Few Airtel numbers only. Enjoy free SMSing...

Free MMS

Airtel live activated SIM. Go to Message Setting - MMS Setting & than change APN Address or I.P SERVER Address from to If MMS sending failed than dial this CODE - *#1921135518# dial this will make to sending FREE your MMS. Enjoy free MMSing....


All you need an AIRTEL LIVE activated SIM card. You need to Edit the AIRTEL LIVE settings and change the PROXY ADDRESS or IP ADDRESS to 202.056.231 initially it would be Now open AIRTEL LIVE'S HOMEPAGE & than open all other sites. Normally at least 75% sites will open but sometimes you'll get an error. In that case just DISCONNECT & CONNECT it again. Enjoy free GPRS...

All above tricks are TESTED before placing here. Please try all of these at YOUR OWN RISK. We are not responsible for any FATAL ERROR or loss in your mobile phone.

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