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Search engine optimization(SEO), is the process of getting to the right target point and improving the visibility of a web page or website in search engines through various natural and unpaid SEO techniques. With the arrival of SEO, website design has taken to an arena of competition in having interactive and innovative facilities.

SEO is regarded as a developing science, where its tactic keeps improving, continuously learning and altering their strategies into far future prospects. It works on what people search for, help in editing content and may target different kinds of search like search of image, local, video, shopping carts and industry specific search.

SEO may be incorporated with the functioning, layout, design and development of website. Promoting a site to increase the number of back links or inbound links is another SEO tactics. To know more about SEO let see some tips that serve you a good introduction.

1.Spending some more quality time with the code by using descriptive tags to structure your web pages than the design. This will assure you that the search engines will understand and comfortable with those valuable content in your site.

2.Using specific keywords in strategic places of your site are important but it should not be in excess as it would make your content to be penalized and give an appearance of unprofessional work.

3.It is better not to use flash for navigating your web pages though it is very tempting. Because SEO cannot process flasher files easily in reading and understanding. Otherwise, this will prove your important content with navigation links to be out of use.

4.It has proved that using alt attribute while labeling image is very helpful, as this will describe about your image for what it is and mean exactly. Relating to the topic being searched and discussed, keyword should be presented significantly.

5.Naming of your web pages and topic accurately would contribute a positive effect. This will definitely give confidence and reliable approaches to search engines while reading the content of your website.

6.Using links is a great factor to attract visitors towards your site by operating SEO. It is suggested to use specific link by giving specific title that provides a proper description of things and information. This will make SEO to reach a compliant and comfortable zone of your site while searching.

7.Domain name should be chosen wisely. A keyword rich domain can be more helpful from SEO point of view. As you can easily get rankings on the domain having targeted keyword in it.

8.Building your site by having quality links connection will absolutely make a better ranking position in SERP. You should be well acquainted with the fact that building links is one of the best aspects of search engines optimization.

With these essential tips of SEO given above, you will find the adequate solution why your business web design should be optimized for search engines and how much it will be helpful for your website to get establish. This will enable your site to progress continuously and prosperously in the long run of coming future.

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  • Bindu 7 years ago
    According to Google Panda Update, put content unique on website and If it is possible more content on page. Keyword Density should be 2 to 3% and inner url should not be long but meaning full.