Sex During Menstruation Problem, WHAT IS THE RISK
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If there is one aspect that has become commonplace in the everyday lives of women, are the various situations associated with menstrual period. From PMS to disorders in the regular cycle of menstruation.

To clarify ideas on the subject and make clear what is not normally what policies, is to be accepted as such, we talked to the OB / GYN Drove Ernesto Alvarez, who said that regular menstruation

is occurring approximately every month in an exact period between every 21 to 35 days. If it occurs within that period or more than 35 days, it is considered that there is a mess.


At different stages of life of women, expected changes in the menstrual cycle. For example, in adolescence, esasprimeras periods tend to be anovulatory (not ovulating) so it happens a little hormonal disorder that makes those periods typically are irregular, with a major or minor bleeding than expected. In that first year or two waiting periods are not regular.

Later, when the woman is well developed and reaches the stage of late adolescence, young women, or 30 years, periods should be regular. When a woman is 40 or passing cleave these, perhaps at 45, they become somewhat irregular again and this time is due, usually because estrogen levels begin to decrease because the ovaries begin to fail, which produces disorders of menstruation. These disorders consist of irregular flows in algunasmujeres decrease and in others may increase.

Among the various menstrual disorders are:

  1. Menorrhagia: When the flow is excessive.
  2. Poligomenorrea: that instead of regular menstruation becomes too common.
  3. Oligomenorrhea, if menstruation is very low.
  4. Metrorrhagia: irregular when the time period in which they occur. For example, every 15 days demo spends two months, after 20 days, etc.

Usually when these changes occur should seek some kind of pathology, almost always has to find a disease. If not, you can think of hormonal disorders, peroes necesariohacer studies to discover the cause.


Other conditions associated with menstruation that is not really a disorder, such as dysmenorrheal and that means there are a lot of pain during menstruation. At this point, the gynecologist said that normal is not suffering so much pain during the menstrual period and that women support it because they believed that this is normal. The grandmothers and mothers have passed the false belief, but the cramps during menstruation should not be so intense as to disturb the patient.

You may feel some cramping, but if the woman should take drugs to excess, if absent from work, if you are lying on a bed, if you alter your mood, plus nausea, vomiting, headaches, etc., We must investigate. If cramping occurs before menstruation, you think of a PMS or something more severe known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder.


The age of menarche has changed little in recent years and each region has its own characteristics. For example, in countries north COMOESTAS States and Europe, is very typical menstruating women between 14 and 15 years, but in Panama occurs earlier, between 11 and 12, but is also seen at 9 years which does not have a specific reason so far.

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