Sex Every Day Reduces Damage To Spermatozoa And Increase Sperm Count
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The regular ejaculation reduces the residence time of sperm in the testicles after their production. Less residence time of sperm in the testicles means less exposure to oxygen free radicals. Free radicals result from normal metabolism of the human body. These small particles can cause damage to sperm. Greater exposure time of spermatozoa in free radicals can create more damage to them.

The chances of conception increase when intercourse occurs on days when ovulation takes place. For it seems that sex every day in the week prior to ovulation to maximize the chances of reproduction.


  1. Supplements anabolic unknown origin

Supplements often contain harmful substances and fertility and should be taken until a doctor. And of course, as repeatedly noted, one of the biggest enemies of fertility is the use of anabolic than men! Recent studies have also shown that the hot coffee and tea served in plastic glasses cause the production of estrogen, which in common everyday use affect fertility.

  1. Trauma and injuries

Testicular injuries that may occur during the life if not addressed immediately may have long term effects on fertility . You all talk about the importance of exercise to maintain good fitness, however, male fertility; specifically the testes may be "injured" during sports such as martial arts, but also cycling and riding, if the testicles are not protected.

  1. Increasing the temperature of the testes

If I understand the messages our body, men should ensure that the testes are not exposed to high temperatures. While the ovaries in women are protected within the body, the testes outside the body. This is not for aesthetic reasons, but functional. Obesity, sedentary work, the tight pants that are either made entirely of cotton or bring the testis in close contact with the warmer the body, but the tight pants and wearing laptops (the temperature can reach their 70th C ) that when one gets on his knees, emitting heat to the testicles. Studies have shown an increase of testicular temperature by use of laptops in the knees at 2-3rd C is likely to reduce spermatogenesis. All these give a good idea of how many daily habits may harm male fertility.

  1. Infections

Those risks that can potentially cause infertility, as now known, involving both sexually transmitted diseases and the existence of microorganisms that can naturally be detected by simple observation under a microscope. Trichomonas vaginalis, Ureaplasma urealiticum, are just some of them, for the sake of fertility; it would be nice to be detected in semen! Many times these infections are chronic and do not give symptoms. So should any informal discomfort in the genital area be investigated?

  1. Tobacco and addictive substances

We know that smoke and combustion products of white paper to encompass, have detrimental effects on fertility of a man. So there are several studies published in scientific journals, showing that smoking and inhalants cause the so-called oxidative stress »and affect the fertilizing ability of sperm, even if the semen parameters are normal.

  1. Mobile phone radiation and other

Many hear but little is known about the issue, since unfortunately there is only one scientific study showing that prolonged use of mobile may have a huge impact on fertility of men. Of course, it was already known that any kind of long and intense radiation can damage sperm production.

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