Sex Is A Great Way For Both Partners
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But for many people the anal love is the forbidden fruit of sex certainly want to try but did not dare. The anal intercourse, the penis in the anus, although it is believed homosexual acts, and sometimes adopted by heterosexual couples. For some others do not. In both cases, but it remains hidden dangers. H demonization of anal sex as abnormal (unnatural) often leads to the excommunication. Regardless of the moral dimension but there is health, which should make us, thinking more?

However, sex is a great way for both partners to express their feelings, to remain emotionally attached and feel they still have the special relationship they joined and now will bear fruit in the world. It is not unusual, of course, the gynecologist to discourage contacts complete the first quarter. Moreover, the hormonal storm and feelings about the new life created to make women feel less love these first weeks and need more affection than the sex.


Before taking the decision to anal intercourse, it suffices to think of what follows will help you make the right choice.

  • Sure you want? - It is very important to decide together with your partner if you try. Not enough to just love the idea to you but to the person next to you.

  • Chill: - The most important thing when going to do is have a rest and relaxation that will allow you to enjoy even the first time. Think that this is simply a sexual act and just for this purpose is pleasure. You can start preparing the finger, putting a suitable lubricant, so as to be open enough to accommodate the penis. Attention to the penis not to "rip" open but can be easily penetrated.

  • No rush and pressure: - The worst effect is that haste can lead to excessive pressure and pain. If you wait a bit and show little patience with slow and gentle movements of penetration, then the experience can be enjoyable. Do not be discouraged from the outset.

  • Attention to disease: - Through anal sex is much more easily transmitted S.M.A. Can not worry about pregnancy but do not ever forget the condom. Immediately after orgasm do not forget to keep the condom from its base to prevent leakage of semen.

Do not enter the penis elsewhere in the body after anal sex. Oral sex, make sure that the penis be washed thoroughly with hot water and soap. The bacteria found in the anal area can cause infection or irritation so pay special attention to cleanliness.

Finally, remember that every beginning is difficult. Maybe the first time and not accomplish much, but if you try to silence you will manage to make anal sex enjoyable. Do not despair and mainly have fun!

Why some couples prefer anal sex?

The anus is an erogenous area with high sensitivity to sexual stimulation. Although the anus is not designed for biological and anatomical to receive the penis in erection, the man has the same sense of love as in vaginal intercourse. In women the vagina is too loose, tight anal sphincter gives them and their partner is another dimension to sex.

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