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Traditional sex positions tend to get a bad rap these days, and understandably so; they have a tendency to get old rather quickly. You may be surprised, however, to learn that these classic sex positions can be turned into something hot and altogether fantastic with just a few minor adjustments. Our sex positions with a twist are easy to do, and they don’t require the skill of an acrobat. And, perhaps most importantly, our sex positions with a twist deliver -- for both you and your woman. Try one of the following sex positions with a twist and you’ll see what we mean.

Here are some of the most exciting sex positions to try in 2011:

Butterfly Lie down at the edge of your bed or your kitchen platform and let your legs fall over the edge. Get him to kneel or stand at the edge of the bed or platform and slowly lift the small of your back as he enters you. Rest your legs on his shoulders. This is an exciting position as it lets the blood rush to your head as he enters you. It will send you orgasming in a jiffy!

Eagle You stand on a staircase with your legs spread wide apart. Make him stand on the stair under yours, facing you. This will make it feel like you are doing it against the wall, but you aren't really taking the support of anything. You could also entwine your legs around him if he can take your weight.

Ballerina Like the spooning position, you sleep beside him. Lift your top leg and hold it outstretched in the air. Allow him put his leg between yours as he enters you from behind. Again, like the spooning position, it allows for deep penetration and maximum pleasure.

Wheelbarrow Lie face down at the edge of your bed and let him stand in between your legs. Bend them upwards and let him hold your thighs. He will enter you from behind as he stands and you remain lying down. It gives him a clear view of you, increasing his pleasure and yours.

Triangle You lie down flat on the bed. You have to get him on all fours over you with his arms close to your head. Put your legs over his calves and let him enter you gently. Slowly raise your lower back as he penetrates you even more deeply. A great position for an orgasm!

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