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Women in later life are more likely to sex-related symptoms and may therefore be surprised. This statement may sound cryptic, but the phenomenon is well known on the other. First, it is no secret that both men and women over 50 feel their sexual impulses decrease. More women than men have, however, suffer from unpleasant sexual side effects, says a new study.

The study was conducted by Harris Interactive and funded by Dura med. The study enrolled 705 adults along, half women and half men. The age of study participants ranged between 50 and 70. All participants had a heterosexual relationship with partners of the same age group. The total duration of the study was one week.


Thus it appears millions of women testosterone gel to use, including for the promotion of lust. In the United States alone would amount to 1.80 million women. Of course this not in order testosterone gel on their own to use, a prescription is still needed. Increasingly, however, found doctors testosterone gel for women to write.

Of the women who participated in the study, 67% suffer from symptoms that directly or indirectly dealing with menopause. The most common symptoms were vaginal dryness (49%), low libido (47%) and pain while having sex (23%). On the other hand were the men with at least one sexual problem (PJE) to deal with. Almost half the study participants had trouble getting an erection. 30% received no erection at all, while 23% experienced pain while having sex.

As the years passed, turned the sex drive to disappear. That was nearly three-quarters of the respondent’s case. The majority of participants believed that men age more sexually experienced problems than women. The investigation has shown that the ratio was different than expected. 67% of women experienced sexual problems because, compared to only 59% of men. With those sexual problems means that at least one of the above ailments experienced.

56% of the surveyed women sexual symptoms relating to the MENA experienced break, she admitted that there had not counted on. They had therefore no precautions or spoken with a doctor. Among the men showed 51% of respondents are not prepared to have been the emergence of sexual problems.

David B. Schwartz, a specialist doctor and gynecologist at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, believes that there is a knowledge gap between the expectations of men and women age and their experiences that they ultimately experienced. Most orphaned sexual problems automatically to men and their ability to get an erection / retained. Probably has to do with it pin down with erection problems. This is not the only problems seem to be where older people have to deal with. Most women with sexual problems faced at menopause, while their less information readily available. The emergence of these problems does not, however, that men and women later in life in an interesting way to have sex.

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