Sexologist's 'Blue Film' Medicine
pavan • onHealth & Beauty 9 years ago • 1 min read

The most common problem that men these days are facing is the erectile dysfunction. Due to the modern lifestyle stress and many other issues, the libido levels have been coming down and this has become a field time for the sexologists. However, each specialist seems to have his own formula to treat this issue.

Apparently, there is a noted sexologist in the busy area of Kothi who has got many male patients in his clinic and he is said to be suggesting only one treatment- a Caverta 50 mg along with a Blue Film CD. Well, the CD happens to be a hot and erotic blue film. The sexologist has huge collection of films ranging from X, XX, XXX to hardcore and he gives to people basing on their taste and perverted levels.

It seems that the sexologist has been suggesting his patients to have a pill of Caverta and watch the blue film CD before going for intercourse. This would be sufficient to give the ‘standing’ and then the patient can get onto the bed to take care of the rest. Some of them say that it is working indeed but hope they realize that selling blue films is illegal.


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