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Sexual desire status of the human mind conscious, and members only tools obeys the wishes of this reason and to become a sexual relationship between spouses completed forms.

There are some factors that should be known and taking into account the occurrence because married life is a set of feelings and emotions, attitudes, punctuated by sometimes positions happy as punctuated by the positions of sad, So it made God the sexual relationship between the couple a source of happiness and a necessity for psychological calm and stability, it also works to increase the love and interdependence between spouses and eventually lead to having children.


What premature ejaculation in men? What causes?

Premature Ejaculation means out of sperm from the man before reaching the peak of the sensory response (orgasm) and lead to a lack of a sexual rim when women and its causes: Physiological reasons, and this is the reality in most cases. Illegal relations before marriage. Homosexuality or sexual practices among young people that are in the semi-private places such as cars or otherwise. Caresses sexual adolescents. Excessive masturbation (masturbation). Wrong sexual practices between spouses: - Coming up from behind. Sexual intercourse during menstruation.

Tips to maintain the Fertility:

Vaccinations: before pregnancy, there are several important vaccines to protect you and your health from serious diseases such as: A. Measles. B. German measles. Hepatitis C infection. Eating healthy, balanced: Diversified balanced diet is very important to protect you from disease and maintain your fertility, especially foods that contain a high proportion of fiber, vitamins and fluids as well as on a regular basis is very important to maintain your health.

Identify the days of monthly fertility:

There are a few days each month and specific in which women can pregnancy, so you must identify these days, science and know-how full of marks which accompany it. (For more information click here family planning).

• Sports: balanced and light exercise helps in pregnancy is safe and easy birth. • Weight maintenance: high Valenhafp can prevent pregnancy as well as severe obesity may lead to difficulties with childbirth. • Avoid alcohol: as it affects women's health and the health of her unborn child. • Smoking: Studies have shown that smoking is accompanied by: - Increase in rates of vomiting and urinary tract infections during pregnancy. Increase in the probability of fetal loss (abortion). Increase the likelihood of low-birth weight children, as well as the vulnerability of these children for health problems after birth.

What impotence? What types?

Impotence means inability of the penis, an erection. Absolute impotence: that they will not in erection no matter how hard rights. Impotence optional: the erection may be at times and may not do. Impotence sharp cross: that disappears when wiped psychological reasons that cause them. Chronic impotence: that does not cure them and are continuing.

What causes impotence?

There are many reasons for the curse, for example, not limited to: Psychological causes are more reasons updated curse. The causes of chemical narcotic when Tatiana men in large doses and for a period of consecutive time. Organic causes such as certain diseases such as malnutrition, diabetes, tuberculosis and aging. Birth defects in the reproductive system, such as hormonal disorder and hypertrophy of the prostate.

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