Sexual Disorders And How To Improve Sexual Health
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Sexual disorders characterized by impairment of sexual desire and psycho physiological changes that characterize the sexual response cycle and may cause significant disturbances and interpersonal difficulties.

Any form of this disorder may occur alone or in combination with multiple sexual interference, can be gotten after a period of normal sexual functioning, or may be primary or occur since the beginning of sexual functioning. It can also be symptomatic due to biological problems or intepersonalnih (psychogenic).


On sexual functioning may be affected by stress of any kind and emotional disorders, which can be generalized, that is unlimited on certain types of stimuli, circumstances or partner, and situational, which occurs in certain types of stimuli, certain partners or circumstances.

There is little systematic epidemiological data regarding the prevalence of various sexual disorders

. Besides clinical assessment of the presence of sexual disorders should take into account ethnic, cultural, religious and social background of the person who can affect sexual desire.

Disorders of sexual identity, there must be proof of permanent and strong identification with the opposite sex, which makes it a desire to be the other sex. There is evidence of persistent discomfort with their own sense of gender or sexual inadequacy of their own gender roles.

The boy's identification with the opposite sex is seen as a strong preoccupation with traditionally feminine activities, they like to dress in women's clothing, and favorite toys are their puppets, favorite playmate girls.

Girls with gender identity disorder show strong reactions to parental expectations or attempts to wear women's clothing and other female subjects showed no interest in dolls and the other women's action; indicate a strong identification with the opposite sex in games, dreams and fantasies.

Adults, who are preoccupied with the desire to live as the opposite sex, can have a strong desire for social acceptance of the role of the opposite sex or the acquisition of physical appearance of the opposite sex through hormonal or surgical procedures.

Previously, the most commonly used treatment of sexual disorders was individual psychotherapy. Today it is more common, "Master and Johnson" dual sex therapy where the emphasis is on therapy, considering the overall partnership relationship, we discuss the psychological and physiological aspects of sexual functioning, suggesting a specific sexual activities that a couple should try at home.

Behavioral therapy has the basics, doing the exercises so. "Sensory focus", the couple learns to achieve satisfaction and reduce tension and no penetration in the beginning. Emphasizes the importance of verbal and sexual communication, stimulation techniques are taught about the sexual union.

For some disorders, specific techniques, such as for veganism’s suggests dilatation vaginal opening with your fingers or dilators gradually. Group therapy is used to explore the intrapsychic and interpersonal difficulties in patients with sexual disorders. Therapy group gives a strong supportive system for a patient who feels embarrassed, tense, and guilty of certain sexual problems.

As for drug therapy in recent drugs used to Treat Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

Erectile Dysfunction
Premature Ejaculation


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