Sexual Energy And Vitality Important For Happy Life
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Men in the modern era however, left aside the basic aspects of life primitive. Forgotten manual work and the field to enter a frenetic pace of life with cars and offices, eating in a hurry, working more with the mind than with the body. These new demands require a power more appropriate than when the individual is subjected to less stressful conditions.

The least that we can meet this gap, our energy, vigor and productivity can be compromised. Eating nutritious foods and devote the necessary time of food should be priorities. To protect itself from diseases and nutritional deficiencies, and increase longevity by reducing the risk of chronic degenerative diseases, individuals need a good feeding program.

The sexual energy and vitality are also important aspects man's life, especially for the maintenance of relationships. Safe sex is a subject on the agenda today, but without energy, forgets it. Sexual function is ensured by adequate food and nutrient intake. Diet healthy should provide a sufficient amount of protein and essential fatty acids and cholesterol, eggs, dairy products or vegetable fats found, in olive oil, these foods contain precursors of some sex hormones at

Several endocrine organs involved in sexual function. The thyroid, a gland that regulates the production of energy and metabolism, depends on the iodine and vitamins B, particularly thiamine and antithetic acid. The function is essential for testicular testosterone production, the most important hormone for sexual desire in men. The androgenic hormones produced by the adrenal glands remain testicular activity and participating in sexual development males. Vitamin E and zinc may be two elements fundamental when it comes to sexual energy. Vitamins A, E and folic acid as well as essential fatty acids, are important for the production of semen. The minerals calcium, magnesium, zinc and sulfur, and vitamin B12, and vitamin C are found in sperm of healthy people and may play a role in male fertility.

The adrenal glands are important for sexual function, both the physiological point of view and in terms of energy production. Many elements are involved in its normal functioning - vitamins A, C, E, B complex and essential fatty acids. Certain factors such as stress, excessive mental activity and regular use of caffeine and sugar, can lower the operating these glands.

In men with decreased libido, zinc supplementation, magnesium and vitamin B6 may be helpful. In cases of impotence, Vitamins C and E, B complex, calcium and advice can psychological help. Some plant products, such as the ginseng root, which has a stimulating action, may improve mood and increase energy. Moreover, reduce stress and decrease the intake of sedatives, like alcohol, and that interfere with the movement, such as Nicotine can also bring benefits. Large part disorders of sexuality are related to mental stress and relationship problems. The practice massage and body therapies, as well as the activity regular physical, contribute to a better balance in overworked individuals. All this can help improve energy and the provision related to sexual life.

In men with premature ejaculation, many factors can be involved. Among them is the inexperience or lack a regular sex life, circulatory changes, and even allergies. Histamine, a substance produced by body's cells and can be found in the blood, controls the ejaculation. In high concentrations, as in allergic reactions, ejaculation can be accelerated. Levels reduced may extend the time for ejaculation, and some cases, prevent it. Niacin and fatty acids tend increasing, while calcium and the amino acid decrease Stocks release of histamine. Thus, the ingestion larger amounts of calcium may be helpful for some individuals with premature ejaculation.

The Men, like women, have nutritional needs individuals to conserve power and sexuality. To males generally are at least the minimum recommended amounts of all nutrients, more with less iron and magnesium and vitamin B women. Anyway, the requirements do not are very different between men and women. Men may need a little more of iron, particularly when they have a disorder that leads to bleeding, anemia, or when they are vegetarians, some studies, however, suggest that excessive intake of iron increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in men by oxidative damage of blood vessels and liver cells. Obviously, men also need more calories and proteins, considering that generally have greater muscle mass and more intense physical activity. The amount of calories needed varies according to the desired weight and practice exercise. Those who do not trot out the television may need to decrease caloric intake, eating less and drinking less beer, and avoid foods high sugar and fat.

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