Sexual Fantasies, Human Sexual Behavior
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Human sexual behavior is diverse and determined by a combination of several factors such as the individual's relationships with others, by their own circumstances of life and culture in which he lives. It is therefore very difficult to define what is normal in terms of sexuality.

Normal sex is related to the fact that sexuality be shared so that the couple is in agreement with what is done without destructive character for the individual or the partner and not insult rules common society in which they live.

The abnormality can be defined when there is a fixation on particular form of sexuality or to a particular person, or where the person can not enjoy other forms of pleasure.

The abnormality can be defined as: There is a fixation on particular form of sexuality; The person can not enjoy other forms of pleasure, for example, voyeurism that can only get pleasure by masturbating, watching people without their consent; The person can not have sexual relations with others.

What must be remembered is that human sexuality involves, besides the sexual act itself, other activities such as costumes, erotic thoughts, fondling and masturbation?

Sexual fantasies are sexual thoughts representing the most ardent desires of a person and serves to complement and stimulate sexuality, both the completion of sexual intercourse with a partner as the auto-erotic stimulation.

Masturbation is also a normal part of sexuality, and is the touch of him in areas that give pleasure to the individual, including the genitals and / or other body parts, with the purpose of obtaining pleasure.

In humans, the sexual feelings aroused, either by fantasies through masturbation or by sexual act itself, occur in a succession of stages that are interconnected, which are called Stages of human sexual response. They are:

Desire: It consists of a phase in which fantasies, erotic thoughts, or visualization of the desired person arouse desire to have sexual activity.

Excitation: Stage of preparation for the sexual act, triggered by desire. Along with feelings of pleasure, there are bodily changes that are represented primarily by the erection in man hardening of the sexual organ and women by vaginal lubrication wet feeling of being intimately.

Orgasm: It is the climax of sexual pleasure, pleasure-maximum, which occurs after a phase of growing excitement. In man, along with the pleasure, there is the feeling of being unable to hold their ejaculation, and then it occurs, and in women, genital muscle contractions occur.

Resolution: Consists in the feeling of muscle relaxation and general well-being that occurs after orgasm that for men in general, is associated with its refractory period minimum interval between obtaining erections. In women, this refractory period does not exist: it may, soon after the sexual act again have desire; arousal and orgasm again, no need to wait a while for this to happen again. DYSFUNCTIONS OR SEXUAL DISORDERS Sexual dysfunctions or disorders are problems that occur in some phases of human sexual response.

Male Sexual Dysfunction The most common male sexual dysfunctions are erectile dysfunction (impotence) and premature ejaculation.

The most common causes are: Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol Injuries or accidents involving the spinal cord or his own sexual organ Smoking, drug use and some medications Alcohol abuse Psychological causes

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