Sexual Position And Lack Of Sexual Desire
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If we wonder why men enjoy pornography while women opted for romantic books with the occasional erotic episode, a simple explanation can give us the answer. Women looking for a relationship, while men are satisfied with sex and while that excites them the picture of a naked woman, we would make no difference to us and instead a naked see that man with a woman we would like for the simple fact that makes us think that this is a relationship.

The woman lies on her back while he is on top of her and looking straight ahead. The doggie position also serves to meet the same objective: the woman kneels on all fours, her back to her boyfriend, who is also on his knees. The famous view of the spoon is also great, as both lay on his side towards the same direction, and the man penetrates from behind.


These are the three most popular sexual positions

, but do you know other positions that also stimulate the G spot? Are you ready to overcome your shyness and discover?

Visual and tactile

Men are much more visual than women, and it shows a 1920 study, conducted hundreds of Americans and American. Helen Fisher, in his books 'The first six’s, explains how the 65 percent of men interviewed admitted to being gossiped through the window of his bedroom, while only two out of ten women had.

The effect of an erotic picture is not so shocking for a woman who needs a pornographic movie in an argument or a romantic story. The man, however, merely to enjoy the sex scenes. Our fantasies include, in general, words of affection and commitment. Women are more physical: in a fantasy, we noticed the smell of a lit candle, or a ballad in the background, and sex prefers a hug and kisses.

The physical versus retention

Yet another explanation could establish the reason for this difference. A man sees with his own eyes if a potential partner is strong, fast, young man. And when you consider the size of the chest is because they thought their child will have the best food. In short, you can visually determine if the candidate could have a healthy infant.

Women, however, prefer to see the man with whom a relationship is not only strong, fast and young, but will continue at your side to provide security and protection and care for their children. In short, you see that will not leave. It is for this reason why many women wait to get to know a man until you know you really feel something strong for her, before having the first intercourse.

The union emu

The union of the emu is very pleasant, and in this position will be your partner who will move at their own speed. Both shall stand, and give him back to your boy as he enters you from behind. You can lower your upper body to further stimulate your G-spot

The elephant

The position of the elephant is similar to that of the dog, but perhaps more comfortable. The woman lies face down in bed with his legs apart, while his partner lies on her stomach with her legs as well and hers. The man made all the moves.

The deepest position

The total depth of cut position is achieved with the woman lying face down, spreading her legs and placing them on the shoulders of her partner. It is one of the most exciting and pleasurable positions for a woman.


Another view is totally recommended embrace, in which the man is standing and she was subject to him with both arms around his neck, while around your waist with your legs. Your partner can control all movements.

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Sexual Desire


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