Sexuality - Men Still Active In Old Age
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The sexual desire in men is independent, does not necessarily have the opposite effect of female gender.

Perhaps the fundamental difference between the sperm with the egg is in ability to move forward because of the sperm tail. So in sex, old men now are still considered active, as opposed to the passive female.

Often seek clearance on the main body. So, in people with prison or subject to strict isolation of women, sexual desire can not sleep alone and reveal that energy in self-stimulation behavior and homosexuality.

The second way is probably only occur in some men tend bisexual sex, while those with opposite sex sexual orientation, only the clear choice by masturbation.

Ejaculation phenomenon can also be found in these adolescents have not yet reached puberty, meaning that no sperm in semen. Sperm in the semen begins at age 13-16 and one case of early ejaculation was noted in teens masturbation is 10 years old.

In cases like ejaculation, semen only excreta of the vas deferens and without sex hormone and sperm cells of the prostate, because at this age the testicles and the prostate do not work.

Male sex is not focused, often directed at many women, very rarely in a single woman. The ability of male sexuality also varies widely, no standard of ordinary and not always easy to determine the boundary between normal and excessive.

There were also a couple of times just for the month is enough, while others with more data that they are capable of sexual activity from 10 to 12 times in 24 hours, and this ability can be maintained for year!

Male sexual tone is rich and still in normal limits, so it is thought that sexual function is a matter entirely characteristic, in which genetic factors play an important role.

When considered too old in sex? Surprisingly the sex organs can sustain a long operation. Although rarely that men can father after the age of 70, but many people still can have sex life.

Sexual activity after age 60 also is significant for treatment because provide positive impact to many mental and physical, made for the elderly to avoid loneliness and depression often at this age.

If sex is only for reproductive purposes, the races to protect the reproductive apparatus of male and female were redundant structure. And if only for sexual reproduction is sure to be hair-like structures, that is, decline, gradually dwindled with age. But in reality many men also enjoy sexual pleasure for a long time, through age 70. That was one of the secrets of sex.

Ejaculation disorders and erectile kind easily cured? Known as early ejaculation are both for early, or occur immediately after the male sexual organ into the vagina not long, not control, accompanied by a loss of erection and make intercourse impossible is.

Less positive is the general situation sometimes do not achieve erection 100% or not maintained as long as you want to achieve satisfaction in sex.

This is common in men and not worrying. But if such incidents are repeated many times will affect the psychology of men lose confidence, the result is harder erections and the relationship with your partner.

Men who are interested in their sexual ability, so your partner should be expressed satisfaction. Women should never make men lose confidence, particularly criticisms of sexual ability.

Men often complained about the poor warm in your love. When men feel female partners to the depression is less interesting. Ignorance of women is expressed in many ways: not proactive initiatives, which meet less salty, expressed passively. One thing men complain that women do not know the taste of the action increased sexual language.

Men are not afraid of being condemned to fulfill the function of masculinity. If so, men will be strong inhibitors, and possible role can not make something empty. In sex life, but the male usually active woman who brought back the confidence for men.

Men love to be your partner express feelings verbally. Words are important means to stimulate the imagination. Many women are afraid to speak his feelings during sex, but if they say were both feeling more excited. Share the love between the pair you love, spontaneity and the unexpected is always the most unforgettable for many men.

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