Sexy Actress Couldn't 'Weight' Anymore…
Shilpa • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 1 min read

Actress Pooja Gandhi, the Bangalore girl is planning to hit Telugu screen this year ‘at any cost’. It seems she is obsessed about her weight these days and is fast hitting the gym to shed all those extra kilos. ‘For a short person like me, even a slight increase in weight looks very odd and so I plan to go on a weight reduction drive. I have already lost more than four kilos in the recent days and am currently sitting on 50 kgs’ says the actress

Not only that, Pooja has a good memory too and remembers her weight in each of her films. “I weighed around 52 kilos during Mungaru Male (Kannada version of ‘Vaana’) ’’, adds the sultry actress who has just returned from a short break.

We have to see which Telugu producer will zero-in on this sexy babe.



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  • Guest 9 years ago
    hey Pooja says her weight is 50kgs at present and was 52kgs during Mungaru Male!!!! It might not be true. Beautiful Pooja is at least 60 kgs I am sure