She Walks Beside Me In My Dreams
Sunny • on 11 years ago • 1 min read

As I stare at the blue moon with only my thoughts of you I wish for the dreams that bring you near. Yes, those dreams -those wonderful dreams Our souls caress once again with the sweet scent of flowers in each touch.

Let me lay beside you so that your breath may touch my heart. Give to me the warmth of the sun that lies within your smile. Come dance with me, my love, amongst the clouds of want and desire. I must sleep to find the dream I seek within your hazel eyes.

Walk with me forever into this night's wish, Let the winds of hope and happiness show us the way. Grab hold of my arm and feel the strength your love brings, Our kisses guiding us home from the abyss called - melancholy.

Tell me, dream girl, who captures my nights? It's you, who consumes every thought that touches sunlight. Dare I open my eyes in the hope you lay beside. May I see, feel and touch what I thought was only a dream.


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