Shilong Honeymoon Packages For Newlywed Couples
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For newlywed honeymoon couples this place is extraordinary delightful. So don't waste your time and book your honeymoon trip with Shillong packages.

Shillong is the capital city of Meghalya. For honeymoon couple this place is extraordinary delightful. So don't waste your time and book your honeymoon trip with Shillong holiday packages.

Shillong honeymoon packages take you to visit beautiful places of Shillong and you can spend your precious days with trekking past dense pine forests, hill lakes and gurgling waterfalls which is a suitable environment for honeymoon couple.

Book your trip with Shillong holiday packages and enjoy the natural beauty as well as elements of modern development bustling hill bazaars, fisheries and karkhanas. You can enjoy your honeymoon trip by staying in fascinating country cottage at Shillong. Shillong holiday packages take you to see dahlias, forget me not and roses of all colors and sizes which grow in huge number all over Shillong. There you can spot the rarest of ferns and orchids which grow in wild tufts all over Shillong and also rare bird life.

Shillong honeymoon packages make your honeymoon trip unforgettable. It is a romantic city and people often call this place as Scotland of the East. Don't miss to visit the waterfalls, peaks and lakes with Shillong holiday packages. To have a remarkable holiday and a memorable honeymoon trip, book your honeymoon trip with Shillong honeymoon packages. Some of the attractive destinations of Shillong:

  1. The State Museum - This is a museum which displays the lifestyle and heritage of the khasi tribe. There is also a butterfly museum which displays an exquisite and rare collection of moths and butterflies. This museum is located at the State Central Library Complex and you should not miss this place with Shillong honeymoon tour packages.

  2. Umiam Lake - This place is about 17 kilometers from Shillong. It is a beautiful place and it offers some activities like sailing, rides on water scooters and water skiing. You should enjoy this lake and water sports with Shillong honeymoon packages.

  3. Wards Lake - It is an artificial made lake and it is in the shape of a horse shoe. Lake is in the center of the city and here the people enjoy boating in the lake and walking around the lake. Shillong honeymoon packages give you a chance to enjoy feeding the fishes from the bridge here.

  4. Shillong Peak - It is the highest point of Meghalaya and it is a nice place where you can enjoy a breath taking view of the country side. You must see this peak with Shillong honeymoon packages.

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