Shilparamam Or 'Srungara' Ramam
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

Yet another Sex Scandal in the recent past exposed today! What a tribute for our 60th Republic day.Ironically the Epicentre of this scandal is a Cultural and traditional centre of Arts and Crafts i.e SHILPARAMAM in Hyderabad.

The man in focus here is the Special Officer of Shilparamam Mr.Janardhan Reddy.On a complaint from one of his victims the ABN Andhra Jyothi team has tracked the modus operandi of Mr.Janardhan Reddy.It revealed that Mr.Janardhan reddy from the time he came to Shiparamam started coercing women sexually who is employed there.If the women does not comply to his demands he either threatens them to remove their stalls or suspend them from the job.

Janardhan Reddy is the person who has introduced the Spa and Massage centre contrary to the rules of the Shilparamam.Later he converted that Massage centre to exploit the woman victims and only the woman who is ready to do sexual favours is given the assignment /job in Shilparamam.

It has to be noted that after retiring from the Government job he was made a Special officer for Shilparamam.After seeing the news break Mr.Janardhan reddy has sent his lawyer who got house motion in High Court and got the permission to stall airing of his secretly shot 'Sex Video' by ABN channel.It remains to be seen how the government acts on this case whether they will arrest him or let him go scot-free.

Meanwhile many Woman forums,NGO organisations,public has gathered infront of Shilaparamam and raised slogans against Janardhan reddy and demanded his arrest.

It is a commendable thing for what ever the ABN network has done and infact this is the third high profile Sex scandal that ABN has exposed in the recent past,however the Channel should also track/investigate other dark areas like Corruption,Bribes,underprivelaged etc otherwise the public will perceive it as a SEX Starved Channel which might Boomerang!!!!!!.



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