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The virus of the chickenpox becomes reactivated and result into shingles but what is the reason behind this reactivation is not sure. Some of the major conditions which accelerate the reactivation are fatigue, stress, HIV/AIDS, treatments of radiation, cancer, due to weak immune system and due to some injury in the skin where rashes occur.

Some of the natural treatments for shingles:

Pancreas produces proteolytic enzymes which are naturally produced and help in the digestion of protein we eat. These enzymes are also available in certain foods like pineapple, papaya and it is also available from animal pancreas. Supplements derived from these things are available in some grocery, drug stores, in health food stores and can be found online. There are some side effects also with these enzymes like digestive upset and allergic reactions.

The area affected by shingles must be kept clean and dry.

Pain caused due to shingles may be reduced by applying wet, cool compresses.

It is very necessary for the patient suffering from shingles to take plenty of rest.

Acupuncture is also very helpful to overcome from this problem of shingles.

Application of peppermint oil or geranium oil over the affected area regularly may reduce the problem of shingles.

There is a variety of medications out there in the marketplace to help relief pain and discomfort. Some common over-the-counter options include ibuprofen and aspirin. Doctors may also prescribe anti-depressants and anticonvulsants, topical medicines or antibiotics, anti- inflammatory drugs, opioid painkillers, nerve block injections. These options are especially useful when the pain does not go away even after the rashes have. This condition is known as post-herpetic neuralgia and requires stronger medication.

Why You Need Treatment

Rashes and small insect bites normally do not cause pain. You should therefore consider the possibility of the reactivation of shingles once you feel pain with rashes. Early and aggressive shingles virus treatment is important because having shingles can result in complications like post herpetic neuralgia which is a chronic kind of pain. Others may also suffer from eye and ear problems if they leave their shingles untreated. Addressing the shingles virus at a later time may also affect the speed of your recuperation. This is because anti viral medication for shingles works best within 2-3 days of the beginning of the shingles disease.


Chicken pox and shingles virus can be prevented from attacking an individual through proper and timely vaccination. Immunization usually begins before a child reaches 12 and booster shots can then be administered twice for adolescents. Experts maintain though that this does not completely safeguard against chicken pox. In most cases though, chicken pox in people who have been immunized are of a milder form.

Shingles in Pregnant Women

Although shingles often occur in the elderly, anyone with a weakened immune system and a history of chicken pox is also at risk of getting shingles. A pregnant woman who has a weakened immune system may thus also possibly develop shingles. Although chicken pox is more critical for pregnant women than shingles, the shingles virus might still cause deformities in an unborn child.

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Shingles Disease


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