Shocking : Nayanthara Arrested!
Shilpa • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 1 min read

Shocking : Nayanthara arrested!

Nayanthara is arrested. She had to spend few days behind bars!! It is part of a film in which Nayanthara had to shoot for few days in jail and its premises.

Recently out of imprisonment, Nayanthara has been flaunting away her experiences behind bars in an Ashram in Bangalore.

Nayan was behind bars in her latest movie Malayalam movie ‘Mathilukalkkappuram’.

‘Mathilukalkkappuram’, how about that? Has it something to do with the director Adoor Gopalakrishna or the producer–actor Mamooty?

I demand a serious vow before I tell you this. A promise not to burst in heaps and mountains of laughter.. “Nayan is working towards an award-winning film.”

Promises are never meant to be broken.


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