Simple And Best Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure To Maintain Healthy BP
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The normal BP count is usually 120/80. When this count reaches above 140/90, the condition is called high BP. Know the home remedies for high blood pressure.

Our heart pumps blood into the arteries. The arteries carry the blood from the heart to the other parts and organs of the body. When the blood is pumped, it creates a pressure which is known as Systolic pressure. The stress created on the artery when the heart relaxes is called Diastolic pressure. This is the lower count.

Our blood pressure is measured by these two counts of Systolic and Diastolic. The normal count is usually 120/80. When this count reaches above 140/90, the condition is called high blood pressure. The arteries are then in a state of hyper tension. There is more than sufficient stress or load on them.

The reasons are plenty. It could be a hereditary problem. Diabetic patients could be more prone to this. The narrowing of the arteries or the heart beating too fast can put extra stress. Lack of physical exercise and the diet also play a role in the cause of this kind of condition. Stress and age are factors as well. Pregnant women and women on birth control pills suffer from this stress too.

Increased state of hyper tension affects the kidney and heart. It can cause chest pain and raise the risk of a heart stroke. It causes one to experience palpitations and tiredness. Dizziness and breathing problems can also result out of this. Being overweight puts one in a risky position. Since the nose is a delicate part of our body, it can start bleeding with the force put in the system.

There are no particular symptoms of having high blood pressure. Therefore it is often called a ‘silent killer’. It can be diagnosed only if the systolic and diastolic is measured.

There are few medications available for high blood pressure; however some home remedies may be followed to reduce the effect. Some of the home remedies are

  1. Garlic: Garlic is very useful in controlling the BP. It should be included in your daily diet for better result. Couple of garlic cloves can be eaten raw in regular practice. This will help in lowering the count.

  2. Lemon: Lemon is known to beneficial in this state.

  3. Watermelon Seeds: Dry the watermelon seeds and roast it. These seeds help in dilating the vessels of blood.

  4. Parsley: Parsley aids in maintaining the health and state of the arteries.

  5. Salt: Restrict salt intake. Reduction in the quantity of salt taken will result in the lowering of the blood pressure. Excessive salt causes the kidney to retain fluid, thereby putting load on it. This in turn puts load on the heart.

  6. Indian gooseberry: Amla or the Indian gooseberry is effective. Take it regularly to control high BP.

Alcohol and smoking should be avoided. Avoid fatty food, oily food and food with high salt content. Eat vegetables and fruits rich in potassium. Exercise to stay healthy and reduce fat but take caution not to put stress on the heart. Do light exercises and go for walks. Pranayam in yoga which are simple breathing exercise has proved to be very beneficial in lowering the hypertension. You can also take herbal supplement Stresx capsules to control high BP.

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