Simple And Best Home Remedies For Nephritis
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Nephritis is an inflammation of one or both kidneys. It is a very serious disease and even can become a cause of death if is not treated carefully at the right time. Usually this disease strikes for children and teenagers, though anyone can get sick.

Acute and chronic nephritis are two common types of this disease. Acute nephritis can be caused by erysipelas, strep throat, scarlatina, flu or other similar conditions. Chronic nephritis can occur if acute type of the disease is not cured completely or because of other various reasons. If this type of nephritis gets progressively worse, kidney deficiency may develop within a few years.

Symptoms: During the inflammation, tissues of kidney swells, because of that unwanted pressure on canals as well blood-vessels occurs. Also, blood circulation of glomerulus and kidneys becomes very poor. Then, filtration of the blood declines; too much water and other substances accumulate, and face becomes puffy; legs, arms swells. Moreover, patient feels a severe headache; pain in the lower waist line, where kidneys are. Other symptoms includes choke, high blood pressure, dark and scanty urine. It also may contain albumin, blood, fever and so on.

Home Remedies: It is extremely important to consult a doctor in time, when the patient feels the initial symptoms. Many dangerous complications can begin, so it is not wise to keep waiting. Of course, there are a few natural remedies, which can help you to get well sooner and relieve the pain while you are sick with nephritis.

Carrot Juice: It is a very useful remedy while being ill with nephritis. Drink a glass of carrot juice everyday, better in the morning, along with a teaspoon of lime juice and honey.

Grapes: They have diuretic values, rich sources of potassium salt and water. Keep eating grapes and you should feel better.

Avocado: Try to eat more avocados, they are highly valuable if you are sick with both acute or chronic nephritis.

Banana: This fruit does not have much salt and protein. Eat about eight to nine bananas per day.

Coconut water: Another useful diuretic is tender coconut water. Drink it once or twice every day. It is really very good home remedy if you are sick with nephritis.

Likewise, drink more vegetable juices such as celery or cucumber. Eat more oranges, apples and pears; pineapples. They remove toxins and other causes of kidney swelling. You can keep eating such food for about a week, and you will notice definite improvement. Milk is useful for your special diet too.

You need to eat low-protein food; do not use salt. Try not to smoke or drink alcohol even in small quantity. Avoid sugar, white bread, pastries, cakes, puddings, fried or very heavy foods, also coffee, tea, sauces and pickles. If you are sick with chronic nephritis, spend more time in the fresh air, take a walk; it is very beneficial.

In order not to get sick with nephritis, treat other related diseases carefully; especially strep throat, scarlatina and others. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and be sure your diet is well-balanced.

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