Simple Natural Home Remedies For Hiccoughs (Hiccups)
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In hiccoughs, there is a sudden lowering of the diaphragm and closure of sound-producing folds, at the upper end of the trachea, producing a characteristic sound when the breath is drawn in. It occurs repetitively and the gap between two hiccups is so short that the person does not have any respite. In this article you will find some useful home remedies for hiccoughs.

Home Remedies for Hiccups

  1. Eat a spoonful of peanut butter to get relief from hiccoughs.

  2. Holding your breath for few moments also helps in relieving the problem. Hold your breath and count to 10. It is one way some people can get rid of their hiccoughs.

  3. Place an ice bag below your rib cage i.e. on the diaphragm. This works in stopping hiccoughs.

  1. Put sugar under your tongue. This is very old and popular home remedy that might work.

  2. Another simple remedy to treat hiccups is to divert your mind on something else.

  3. Breath hard into brown paper bag. The forced breathing movement helps in restoring diaphragms natural contractions.

  4. Pound 5-6 green cardamom. Boil in two cups of water. Boil till it reduces to one cup, sieve and drink while warm. This is an effective home remedy for hiccups.

  5. Drinking water frequently in short durations is also beneficial.

  6. Eat a bowl full of yogurt with a pinch of salt. This is a good natural remedy.

  7. Drink white vinegar. Cure hiccoughs instantly by swallowing a teaspoon of vinegar.

  8. Suck crushed ice to get immediate relief.

  9. Inhale black pepper powder to induce sneezing. Sneezing is a violent movement of the respiratory tract. Therefore, it can put an end to hiccups.

  10. Cardamom is also used for the treatment of hiccups. Mix a half teaspoon of cardamom powder in a cupful of water and then boiled to half its quantity. This mixture is then filtered and drunk. This is helpful if the hiccup is persistent.

  11. Mustard due to its strong taste has capacity to stimulate the nerves in the throat region. Slowly swallow a spoonful of mustard seeds mixed with clarified butter (ghee) to reduce hiccups.

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