Simple Rules For Thermal Hairstyles
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If the source of the techniques of hair often goes back to the dawn of time, it was not until the end of the century to see the development of thermal techniques,. Later, Thermal brushes and straightening irons were used to straighten naturally wavy hair. These techniques were effective, but much damaged hair. Fortunately, science continues to advance.

Today, special thermal units, designed to change the hair structure without damaging it, as well as products protect the hair during this process. Not only is there to smooth plates of different sizes, but there are also those can leave your hair silky smooth and completely in a few minutes.

With new tools ranging in price from about 25 to about 120 euros, or more, you can make loops or smoothing that want. But some important rules you should know before using these devices to make the best possible benefits and minimize possible damage. Here are some simple rules for thermal hairstyles:

One: any thermal process starts with the hair clean and dry. If possible, you should start session with a hair washing and fortifying a product, both with a moisturizing formula. It also adds a spray product protect the hair during drying and during heat styling.

A cluster of gel, mousse or styling spray before you will look tacky and dense, and may damage your hair, so which it can be washed thoroughly before they are submitted for thermal process. Also, your hair must be completely dry. Not only slightly damp hair will not react well to treatment, but also literally be cooked in a bath steam, which will break off and leave their protective hydration shell.

Two: Use proper size tools. If your hair reaches your shoulders, you must choose a plate having a length of the hot tongs about 2.5 to 4 cm. There are larger plates, but these are necessary only for even longer hair. For medium hair, small plates have the advantage of being more controllable, more lighter and easier to handle.

Three: Work with locks maneuverable and do not use more of the heat needed. Many women wear plates and complain that they do not work well. Often, because they use too. If you try too many hairs at once, so you will not use effective heat, outer hair strand is heated, while those in the middle, not much. Also, if you try to smooth a too thick tuft keeping the iron over time, overheat strands too close to the plate and so you can damage them.

There is also the danger of damaging and burning hair when using an iron too hot. Always check the level of heat if you do not know well the device. Take a damp paper towel and place it between the springs. In principle, the moisture would that evaporate quickly without burning the tissue. If the paper begins to wrinkle or fade, low temperature before proceeding the iron through your hair.

Divide your hair in tufts, no larger than your curling iron and no thicker than half of the iron. Working with small sections fine, you apply the heat better and you can get the desired stiffness from the plate less often.

Four: Use a little hair product application to extend the life of your hairstyle. Applying a some hairspray in the strands that you are leaving them smooth and dry well or using a little gel or mousse while dry get straight hair that will stay longer. This is another good reason to wash and fortify the hair before treatment, it is absolutely necessary to avoid piling up of new products on the oldest of the previous hairstyles.

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