Simple Rules In Dating With Women
Sunny • onMating & Dating 12 years ago • 2 min read

How would you act if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was totally into you, but you weren’t that interested, and decided to reluctantly give her a chance to hang out with you? How would you behave?

• Stop trying to impress. If a woman feels attraction then possessions don’t matter.

• Always communicate that you are the selector

• Take the attitude that you judge without being affected by the judgments of others

• Always be picky and tease her about how she’s screwing up her chances with you

• Talk about situations where you didn’t tolerate the behaviour of someone in your life, so you ex-communicated them

• Always have other things to do with your life and never wait around to see if a woman will choose you

• Play the opposite side: “Guys only want me for my body” You: “Well, I kinda just want you for your body too.”

• Pay attention to body language! It accounts for 93% of communication. Tonality, mannerism, speed of movement (even blinking)

• Be a high-novelty seeker. Take risks, try new experiences, etc.

• Keep your COMPOSURE. Take every opportunity to show you can control yourself, especially on occasions where nothing can happen anyway. Pull back and stop, it builds anticipation.

• Don’t take testing personally. Have fun with it! Automatic resistance, comebacks, etc are FUNNY…don’t take it seriously


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