Simple Ways To Beat Stress
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The relaxation is out of our mind all the worries that beset us in our lives. Anything that achieves that goal can be of great help to make us feel calm and inner peace. So here I bring you some easy ways to feel more relaxed in daily life.

The most common symptoms of stress are:


• The inability to sleep properly. • Poor concentration and irritability.

• Excessive consumption of coffee or alcohol and a tendency to smoke more. • The inability to make decisions and frustration about this. • Rapid heartbeat, a lump in the throat or stomach, dry mouth and a slight tremor in his hands. • The constant feeling that something needs to be done and you can not just sit and relax.

However, there are other symptoms that indicate an even greater stress severity: Chest pain, inability to swallow food, weight loss, rapid or erratic pulse, etc. Whenever you have any of these stomas is necessary to consult a doctor.

Eating a balanced diet is essential in order to keep your body and your mind and keep stress affects your stomach, your defenses and your nervous system. Of what we eat depends much of our physical and emotional stability.

Rather than eating certain foods, the best strategy for dealing with stress is to eat well and everything, because it depends on which our defenses are high.

• Reduce the amount of coffee or caffeine you drink: - Some studies have shown that caffeine can increase stress levels of hormones, and this increase may last throughout the day and at the time of going to sleep. • Take a healthy diet: - Avoid heavy meals rich in fat. Enter in your diet: fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and antioxidant foods ... besides enormous health benefits, strengthen its defenses to fight stress. • Not recreate the symptoms of stress: - Do not fall into the trap of complacency with fatigue, lack of energy, anxiety, or concerns with him alcohol, sedatives, stimulants, nicotine or other substances. Worsen the symptoms of stress in the long term. • Check with your doctor or other dietary supplements: - Not everyone is under stress need supplements of vitamins and minerals. Take a look at your diet and ask your doctor if really benefits from nutritional supplements you take. • Eat a good breakfast: - Do not go to work without eating. Try taking a great breakfast. A day of intense work in your workday requires energy and amplifies your stress if you do not have enough "fuel." • Drink water: - Two liters of water is the recommended amount. Try to maintain a healthy hydration having water available at your desk, your purse, etc. A sip of water when he gets nervous or under stress, can be a healthy practice that could help resist coffee or foods high in calories and fat. • Make sleep a priority: - Sleep is essential to rejuvenate each day. Sleepy, prelaunch stress more easily. Prioritize your sleep over social events or tasks in the home. • Walk something every day: - If you do not have time for a workout, just get to walk. If only 10 or 15 minutes every day can help your head and improve your mood. Must integrate the activity of walking in their agenda and lifestyle. Take every opportunity to walk outside to take over the day. • Screenings: - Make checks and medical checks in advance.

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