Simple Yoga Poses For Eye Problem Treatment
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Yoga can help a lot in improving the vision of an individual. Yoga exercises, which involve the eye movement and rotation in different directions helps to improve the view of individuals. Eye lift up and down and flashes while not at work serves as a great exercise to improve vision of the person. Keep eyes focused on a time helps to increase the concentration of the individual. It also helps to increase the power of the memory of people for everyday tasks can take a great responsibility with better commitment and dedication.

The eye movements should be regular and you should feel relaxed and comfortable while practicing. These eye exercises as part of yoga, which help give you the freedom of various eye diseases. It also helps to improve the vision of an individual. Looking budget (Trataka) the activity of yoga also improves vision. Help bring positivism in the mind and body and helps purify the interior to have a better view of the surroundings.

Background of Yoga Exercises for Eye Care:

The yoga set below could well have been part of the Clever Yoga Tips for Busy People Series, as it is quick to do and can be easily done anytime you have a few free minutes to spare. If you have more time you can repeat this set more than once if you like.

Benefits of Yoga Exercises for Eye Care: 1. Helps improve vision. 2. Helps improve focus. 3. Helps strengthen the eye muscles. 4. Helps coordination between both eyes. 5. Helps relax the eyes by relieving tension and stress in the eyes muscles.

Yoga Exercises for Eye Care Set: 1. Begin by taking 5 deep breaths and relaxing the muscles in your face and around your eyes. 2. Next practice Palming: Palming is done by vigorously rubbing your hand together until your palms get warm and then gently covering your eyes with your palms, allowing the warmth to relax and nourish your eyes. This can be done anytime in between the following exercises, whenever you feel you need to give your eyes a break. 3. Blink several times quickly. Relax for a few moments. 4. For all the movements below, look without moving your head and count 1 round when you have looked in both the indicated directions. 5. Side to Side Movement: Look side to side, left to right, without moving your head 5 times. 6. Up and Down Movement: Look up and down 5 times. 7. Diagonal Movement: Look from bottom left to upper right 5 times. 8. Diagonal Movement: Look from bottom right to upper left 5 times. 9. Circular Movement: Move your eyes clockwise is a big circle 5 times. 10. Circular Movement: Move your eyes counter-clockwise is a big circle 5 times. 11. Nose Tip Focus: Hold your right arm out with your thumb up. Now focus on your thumb tip as you bring it slowly towards your nose. Upon touching your nose continue to gaze upon your thumb tip for a few moments, and then straighten your arm again, while continuing to focus on your thumb tip. Repeat 5 times. 12. Close your eyes, relax and perform palming.

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