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The Singapore Tourist Guide is here to advise you before you make a visit to this wonderful country. Singapore has one of the best economies and standard of living in the whole of Asia. Because of the peace, order and discipline of the people in Singapore, it has been a favorite country of business conferences and seminars. Aside from the fact that Singapore is a highly advanced country, it also has a number of attractions that would definitely amaze your eyes and make you feel at home even if you are away from it.

You can do a lot of things in Singapore. It is home to a number of shopping areas where you can buy branded signature clothes and accessories. The Orchard Road Shopping District is one of the most populated shopping areas in Singapore, you can buy almost everything there. It is visited by shopaholics from around the world. To keep Singapore tourists more entertained, two casino resorts were developed in Sentosa and Marina South where gambling is basically legal.

Singapore is getting enormous revenues from tourism. This guide will try to show you the beauty and glamour of the country; yet you have to see it for yourself. Singapore is making great competition for nearby countries that also attract a big part of foreign tourists like the cities of Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

To keep up with competition, the government of Singapore started to create commercial buildings and tourist spots that would attract travelers from all around the world. They also held festivals and celebrations to highlight their country. One of the most popular celebrations in Singapore is its Food Festival, which is held every month of July where different Singapore cuisine is showcased for everyone to taste and savor.

The Singapore Tourist Guide will also show you that Singapore is not all attractions and entertainment, it is also has one of the fastest growing medical tourism industry in Asia. The government saw the possible profit in inviting foreigners to try Singapore's medical services. Not only would you be able to save a lot, but you also get top quality medical service and a chance to see the beauty of Singapore for yourself.


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