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The well-known phrase that all of us reminded quite often is “Precaution is always better than cure”, so while you are traveling to Singapore, some essential planning and precautions is to be taken care of. This will make your journey contented, safe and secure.

Singapore is well known for beaches so beach wear should be selected accordingly. It should provide you with maximum comfort.

Cotton is the order of the tour. Nudity in beach or public places is punishable. Carry good number of cotton clothes.

If you are traveling in winter season carry a light woolen jackets and shawls.

If you are a foreign tourist visiting Singapore the currency which you should carry is Singaporean Dollar.

It is advisable to carry your ATM cards other than liquid money. Traveler's cheques are widely acceptable in Singapore.

Especially United States Dollar and British Sterling Pounds are recognized. Money change facilities are available in all Govt. run State Banks, some hotels and resorts also provide Money alteration facilities.

Beware of touts and frauds and do not alter money with local traders.

Motor traffic circulation is on the left, and pedestrians should walk on the right. Foreign nationals must have an International Driving License and should keep all travel and other relevant documents at hand.

Always bargain for goods while shopping as they quote high prices. Be in touch with a local source to make your bargain profitable.

Carry a proof of your identity bearing you name, age, address, and blood group.

While you are in the beach do not accept any sexual offers even from a professional sex worker. They can be infected with HIV Aids virus.

Do not work barefoot; it might give you fungal and parasitic infection. Do not carry or trade for any drugs while your stay at Singapore.

It is illegal and you can be heavily punished if caught. Smoking in public places is looked down upon in Singapore. The usual norm of greetings is done by shaking hands with men and women.

Check for sanitation and hygiene while eating out in small restaurants. Drink mineral water while dining out in restaurants.

If you are in need of medical help always insist for sterilized and disposable syringes. Wash and clean public toilets before use. It is good to carry an adapter for all your electric spots.

Visit the places of worship and maintain silence as instructed. In some tourist spots photographing is restricted so do not violate the rules. It is advisable to keep aside your shoes outside the

Be alert and carry some sun screen lotion and necessary medicines while you're traveling to Singapore. Nightlife in Singapore is quite lively and colorful and if you want to befriend any beautiful girl then Geylang area in Singapore is the perfect place to be.

Shopping and dining options are available during nights as well. Singapore is by far the safest country in terms of security and safety. Have unlimited fun and make your trip memorable and special.

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  • Guest 8 years ago
    These are really good tips…thank you! It is necessary for travelers to follow the rules of a place that want to vacation in and choose a comfortable Singapore city hotel where they can relax.