Size Matters - Small Is Beautiful When It Comes To Jewellery!
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Are you concerned about the size of your jewellery? If you are don’t be surprised.. Sometimes you may want to use the huge bulkly gold jewellery that is studded with diamonds and other precious stones, to work or as your leisure wear. But have you even given it second thought if it really is appropriate? Try and seek a second opinion as soon as your hand reaches for one at the jewellery shops, and you will be surprised at the sneers you get. Jewellery rules are that you need to keep it as close to the attire you wear.

Indian tradition and jewellery always shout out BIG and BOLD! Every bit of jewellery right from your earrings to toe rings are generally huge with amazing traditional designs. For e.g. most of us have jhumkas that are small umbrellas hung our ears. Granted, many times they look good in any traditional Indian wear like salwar kameez, Sari, or lehengas that are a grand choice for events and wedding. However that’s just where you need to restrict huge chunky jewellery.

You choice in oversized and heavy jewellery for work or just a night out with friends is a big mistake that you do not want to make. Although sometimes you can wear a sari or a salwar kameez to work along with you jewellery, you should basically have a good idea of what kind of jewellery you own. As mentioned huge jewellery is good only for huge occasions, for office or just a night out keep it small and simple.

The simple reason why huge jewellery does not go really well with office wear or everyday use is that it is too much for the eye to hold. People will find you too conventional and traditional. The best jewellery to choose whether you wear them to work, or a night out with friends, or if you decided to wear Western clothes are the small trendy ones that your jewellers have from the latest range.

For example, a simple pendant on a single, simple string that works well for any type of work clothing or a party. You can wear dangling earrings if they are your fancy, but make sure they are not over the top. When choosing your earrings make sure you choose ones that are simple, yet elegant and are suitable for everyday use. If you plan to wear a sari to work, it is perhaps the only time you should choose a pair of dangling earrings to wear to work. Even then you should diligently ensure that the earrings you choose are simple and not too explicitly dressed. So the next time you visit your favourite jewellery shops, do remember to keep these simple tips in mind.

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