Skin Disorder Causes And Types And Vitiligo And White Spots Treatment
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Vitiligo skin disorder is caused by depigmentation of the skin. Pigment determines color; therefore depigmentation of the skin is when the skin has a lack of color. It is caused when melanocytes are destroyed. Melanocytes are the part of the skin that produces pigments. Let’s discuss what vitiligo looks like, how it’s diagnosed, and the treatment options.

Type of Skin Disorder

Some of the skin disorders are

Lesion - Change in tissue formation.

Papule - A firm raised lesion

Pustule - Similar to papule but contains puss.

Seborrhea - Excessive secretion of disturbed quantity of sebum is collected upon the skin in the form of oily coating. This is known as seborrhea. Some times a burning sensation is felt

White heads - These are caused by pores getting clogged with hardened oil. Here the pores are not open. They therefore show up as tiny white pearly lumps beneath the surface of the skin. They usually form on oily skin.

Black heads - In this case the pores are open and clogged sebum is exposed to the air. Oxidation takes place turning it black in colour.

Acne - This is one of the most common skin disorders which primarily affects the adolescents as it can be caused by increase of sex hormones which takes place during puberty. This imbalance of sex hormones causes the sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum (Sebum is a semi-fluid oily substance which lubricates the skin). The pores of the skin enlarge and get blocked with hardened sebum. This result in black heads and pimples. Some of these develop into pustule which rupture and spread infection. Both men and women are affected by acne, but young men are more likely to have more severe, longer lasting forms of acne.

Acne should never be neglected as it causes extensive scarring. Clinical and professional treatment is necessary.

Vitiligo skin disorder looks like white patches on the body. These appear normally in areas of the body that are prone to sun exposure, such as the face, arms, hands, legs, and chest. While this skin disorder affects all races equally, it is more noticeable on individuals with darker skin colors. We have read about Michael Jackson’s unhappiness with his vitiligo skin problem. Vitiligo can appear on any area of the body and can be wide spread or just a few patches. These patches can also form in mucous membranes; these are the areas that line the inside of the nose and mouth.

Vitiligo is diagnosed through a physical exam in a doctor’s office. Since vitiligo is more common in individuals with autoimmune diseases, the doctor will perform a complete physical, including blood work. Those inflicted with this skin disorder may also have hyperthyroidism, adrenocortical insufficiency, alopecia areata, and pernicious anemia. The cause of vitiligo is unknown and doctors are unsure of the link between autoimmune disorders and the skin disease.

The skin disorder is not a problem medically, however individuals can suffer psychologically. Many people with this disorder have low self esteem, depression, anxiety, and other issues. There are some treatment options available, however they all have side effects. Corticosteroid creams are sometimes used in patients over the age of ten; however results are usually not noticed for three months or more from the first use. There is also Psoralen photochemotherapy that consists of either oral or topical medication and then exposure to specific ultraviolet lights. This option can have potentially severe side effects such as skin blisters, hyper pigmentation, nausea, and sunburn. Other surgical methods consist of skin grafts that can be extremely painful and cause scarring.

For those with vitiligo skin disorder that covers over half of the body, depigmentation of the rest of the skin may be recommended. This involves lightening the skin that is not affected to match the white patches. For all patients with this disorder, counseling and therapy are highly recommended to overcome issues regarding self esteem, depression, and anxiety. There are many support groups available to individuals struggling with this and other skin disorders.

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  • kayakalpglobal a year ago

    Vitiligo is a skin condition in which the pigment making cells of the skin called melanocytes are destroyed in certain areas of the body. These random skin patches spread around the body due to a skin losing pigment called melanoctyes which is destroyed in certain parts. Basically the skin leaves its natural color and lighter color spots appear to give an unattractive look to the person affected by this disease. The condition can take a long time to relapse.

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