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Rajdeep • on 11 years ago • 2 min read

Hi! this is my first ever blog on gleez. Hope you appriciate it.

Superb thought: "Real Tears are not those that fall from the Eyes and cover the Face... But those that flow from the Heart and cover the Soul"

The height of pain in life is to sit near the person u love d most ..... knowing that the person can neve b urs ...!!!!!

Chand pe kali ghata chati to hogi, sitaron ko muskrahat aati to hogi,tum laakh chipao duniya se magar,akele me tumhe, apni shakal pe hasi aati to hogi.

Never ask for a SMILE..... JUST GIVE IT ! Never expect love from others ... JUST LOVE THEM! Never say I can't leav without u ... JUST SAY I LIVE FOR U !!!!!!!!!!

Never try alone to take the weights of tear that comes out of ur heart & falls through ur eyes …….. ALWAYS REMEMBER A FRIEND IS HERE TO SHARE…..!

A Wonderful saying …. "Trying to forget someone you love is like Trying to remember someone u've never met ..!!!"

When I was alone I miss u most ! When I stay with others , I knew the value of u ! When U R with me I like to miss this whole world ……..

Hundred words does not give pain….. But A true friend s silence makes more tears in heart …… So always keep in touch my FRIEND………….

Liking U is my nature , Missing U is my disappointment ….. Fighting with U is my Time pass… Forgetting U is never in my life time …..

I Hide my tears when I say ur name But The pain in my heart is still the same Altho I smile and seem carefree, There 's No one who misses u More than me …!!!

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  • Guest 11 years ago
    The most amazing-romantic poems ever. =]