Social Bookmarking A Superior Way For Webmasters To Increase Their Website Traffic
Ryan Mutt • onIt & Systems 9 years ago • 2 min read

As social bookmarking is relatively new so before discussing it in depth, I would like to tell you what exactly is social bookmarking. It is a way to store, classify, share and search links through some online services like, Technorati and more.

The basic concept behind them is that when thousands of people get together, bookmark their favorite pages, and apply descriptive tags to each page that they bookmark, certain websites will rise to the top as being more popular. It will help the surfers to know which websites are currently popular among users.

For webmasters it is an easy way to get links and traffic to their sites if people tag their site to these social bookmarking sites. The way it works is a website visitor registers with one or more of the social bookmarking sites and then they simply click a button which saves that site to their bookmarks. Then tagging the sites in such a way creates a vote of quality, which is then stored in the database.

The more votes a site obtains, the more trustable and popular site it is considered. So, just imagine if your site had so many votes that it appeared on the front page of all of the major social bookmarking sites. Your site will become popular in just few days, which you were trying to do from the past few months or years.

Few popular social bookmarking sites are:

Digg Technorati NowPublic StumbleUpon BlinkList Spurl Furl Slashdot Simpy

Even search engines also give high priorities to those sites having highly tagged to these social bookmarking websites. So what you have to do is provide such facility for your visitors to tag your sites to these bookmarking websites.

So Try, Experiment and Enjoy with Huge Traffic Blowing to Your Website!!

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