Some Definitive Ways To Turn Him On
Chris • onMating & Dating 8 years ago • 2 min read

You’re not sure your man is happy with your sex life? Bad sex will kill a relationship almost as fast as an affair. You want to turn him on and drive your man wild in bed follow these three easy tips and he’ll be begging for more!

One of the biggest turn on for a man is a woman who’s not afraid to let loose and get wild. We all know men love wild and active women. Men love it when a woman screams scratches and grabs hold of her man during sex. This makes him feel like a king! It’s a win, win situation for both of you. The sex will be awesome and you will be both left wanting for more.

Experimentation is a huge turn on, especially if you get downright and dirty with it. Go out and buy a few adult toys to play with together, if this is a new concept for both of you choose your toys wisely; you can always go for the naughtier ones later. Take a little time to get use to the toys being a part of your sex life. If you're uncomfortable take it slow and see how it goes you won’t know if the toys are for you and your man unless you try.

Foreplay is just as important to a man as it is to a woman. I know that may be difficult to believe because it doesn’t take much more than a sneak peek of the goodies to turn most men on.

Try a nice warm bubble bath, hot steamy shower, sit in the hot tub and sip a glass of wine, a little slow dancing, a strip tease show or a massage will even do the trick. When it comes to sex it doesn’t usually take much to turn him on and drive a guy crazy if he loves you.

Simply talking dirty to him will work wonders also. If he enjoys watching porn try to find a soft core porn movie that the two of you can watch together to help set the mood.

I guarantee these 'secret weapon' will turn him on!


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