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Evel Knievel (Robert Craig Knievel, Jr.) October 17, 1938 - November 30, 2007 Born: Butte, Montana


THE INGLESIDE WINTER Currier & Ives - The History of the Firm (continued)

Nat met and married Eliza Farnsworth in 1840.

He also produced a print that same year titled Awful Conflagration of the Steamboat Lexington in Long Island Sound on Monday Evening, January 18, 1840 by which melancholy occurrence over One Hundred Persons Perished.

This print sold out very quickly, and Currier was approached by an enterprising publication who contracted him to print a single sheet addition of their paper, the New York Sun. This single page paper is presumed to be the first illustrated newspaper ever published.

(to be continued . . . )

La Rue de a Bavolle in Honfleur Beginning in 1906, paintings of the pond at Giverny and the water lilies occupied him for the remainder of his life. They hang in the Orangerie, Paris; the Art Institute of Chicago; and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Throughout these years he also worked on his other celebrated "series" paintings, groups of works representing the same subject--haystacks, poplars Rouen Cathedral, the river Seine--seen in varying light, at different times of the day or seasons of the year.

Despite failing eyesight, Monet continued to paint almost up to the time of his death, on December 5, 1926, at Giverny.

Water Lilies

Eventually, about 7,000 sets of verses were posted along highways in 45 states. A sign crew with just 8 trucks maintained all the signs. The road men calling themselves "PHD's" (Post-Hole Diggers) changed the verses at least once a year and replaced any broken signs. Most farmers were more than willing to allow the signs to be erected on their land, for little more than a case of the product each year. The little Burma-Shave company grew to $3 million in annual sales.

All good things come to an end. The Odell Family sold their company to Gillette, which in turn became part of American Safety Razor, and Phillip Morris. The huge conglomerate decided the verses were a silly idea, and that other types of advertising, especially television, would sell more product. By 1966, every last sign disappeared from America's highways. A very few ended up in museums.

Clinton Odell, founder of the company, died in 1958. Allan Odell, who came up with the sign idea, passed away in 1994, and his brother Leonard in 1991.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden Location: Bateman Street, Cambridge, CB2 1JF Cambridgeshire, England

Calochortu vestae

While preparing for his role as a paraplegic in Fred Zinnemann's The Men (1950)--a film about a group of World War II veterans who had lost limbs in combat--MARLON BRANDO confined himself to a wheelchair and lived in an army hospital with several actual paraplegics.

He and his new friends were visiting a tavern one evening when a Salvation Army lady dropped in to collect some waste paper. She was so astonished to see the group of legless veterans that she threw her arms toward heaven and cried: "Oh, Lord, grant that these men may be able to walk again!"

Whereupon Brando slowly rose and began to walk around. The woman nearly passed out--and the paraplegics roared with laughter.

In 1612, Captain John Smith described this dish as it was made by the Indians of Virginia: "Their corne they rost in the eare Greene, and bruising it in a morter of wood with a Polt; lappe it in rowles in the leaves of their corne, and so Boyle it for a daintie."

This ancient Mexican dish, was served by the Aztecs to the Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez and his men. Can you name this dish?


WOODS USED: Russian-olive, ash, birch, juniper, hickory, oak, maple, black walnut, cherry

FIRST BOARD: Oak, cherry, black walnut. SECOND BOARD: All Russian-olive and juniper. THIRD AND FOURTH BOARDS: Juniper, birch, black walnut.

Each board is fitted underneath with four short legs and a leather disc to prevent slipping.

Hubby (whose name is Homer) recently upgraded his woodworking shop with a new table saw and a handy-dandy planer (which he absolutely loves).

He sells these works of art as fast as he can turn them out.

Charles Spencer Chaplin (1889-1977) One day Charlie Chaplin, returning from Mexico with a new bride, found some unexpected visitors in his home. The law relating to compulsory education in California was very rigid and, having discovered Mrs. Chaplin's age (sixteen), truant officers had swept down to ask why she was not in school.

Marriage or no marriage, they told her, she must either return to school or take a solemn oath to study at home for a certain number of hours each day, under the guidance of a 'teacher.'

Not surprisingly, she adopted the latter 'course.'


I went with the Duchess to tea, Her manners were shocking to see; Her rumblings abdominal Were simply phenomenal, And everyone thought it was me.

There was an old man called Keith Who mislaid his pair of false teeth Laid them on a chair, Forgot they were there, Sat down and was bitten underneath.

A glutton who came from the Rhine When asked at what hour he would dine, Replied, "At eleven, At three, five and seven, And eight and a quarter past nine."

I have noticed that doctors who fail in the practice of medicine have a tendency to seek one another's company and aid in consultation. A doctor who cannot take out your appendix properly will recommend you to a doctor who will be unable to remove your tonsils with success.

      • Ernest Hemingway

When it comes to their own health, many doctors take herbs, folk remedies and other "unproven" cures that are frowned upon by the medical establishment.

They use these remedies to keep from catching infections. They use them to lower their cholesterol and protect their heart. They use them to get rid of aches, pains and stiffness. And they use them to prevent strokes, Alzheimer's and cancer.

Yes, conventional MDs across the country are taking these alternative remedies with great results. And all the while, they're keeping it a secret from their colleagues and their patients!

In fact, a recent poll found that more than 60% of doctors take nutritional supplements regularly, even though they don't recommend them to their patients!

Sadly, that's the way most doctors are. They'd rather keep these remedies from you than risk facing ridicule from their colleagues or sanctions from the medical board.

In 1861, Moran and his brother sailed for the British Isles where Tom spent months studying the pictures of his idol, Turner. Moran would learn much from Turner about color and light, and would be referred to later as "the American Turner".

Fort George Island

Upon his return to America in 1862, Moran married Mary Nimmo. Mollie took an activity interest in his art and later developed her own skills as an artist ..and became his most trusted critic. They travelled together on many of his trips across the country and to Europe in the years to come.

Excelsior Geyser, Yellowstone National Park

A boyhood friend of Thomas's, an editor at Scribner's Monthly, began to publish wood engravings of his work. Eastern readers where hungry for information about the West, so articles by those who had been there and seen this primitive country was the fare of magazines and newspapers of the day.

I was kept busy for a while this afternoon photographing the deer in our lawn. At one point there were 10 does and fawns. This fawn is full of russian-olive berries and is now chewing its cud. Notice his fat little cheek.

Having does and fawns in the lawn presents a problem, however, because does can be very aggressive toward dogs and people. And Griz does need to go outside and go potty. So spouse goes out first and encourages the deer to leave before he lets Griz out.

This is one of the does. Although she does not have horns to use as weapons, she does have a set of sharp hooves that she can use very effectively. It wouldn't take too much of a blow to kill or at least severely injure a small dog like Griz. Deer are not exactly the benign creatures you might think they are.



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