Some Rules For Cheap Website Design
Rubi • onGeneral 8 years ago • 3 min read

When you have limited budget for designing a website you must take in consideration certain rules that will help you hire the best Website Design India . If you want that, you should be successful to attract even more people and become lucrative then you need to get cheap web design.

You must ensure that your website designing is happening in a very appropriate manner, as not all-cheap Web Design Delhi is reliable. Here you can offer some rules of cheap web design:

1.Try use less ads

Many people neglect advertisements that pop up randomly and are annoying on web sites. Try to make use of good materials with some advertisement alternatively so that you can avoid annoying banners. This will result in users to click on the ad more often. Only if your advertisement is professional they will not annoy users and be successful.


You should ensure that the navigation menu on your website should be user friendly it should be so simple that even a kid can use it. Make less use of drop down menus written on scripts or flash. If the visitors is unable to understand how to use your website and find information that they are searching for then they will simply leave and will never return. Remember, that a website that is usable and comfortable navigate is a good web design.

3.User should know his position on your website

Firstly, the navigation menu should be placed on each page of your web site. When the online user will make a few clicks on your web site, he will realize what part of your website he is at and how easily can he go to some other web page. This will ease the work of the visitor who is looking for information on your website and if you have a good web design then your navigation will be user friendly.

4.Easy to read text

you must divide you content into small parts so that it gets easy for the user to read the content. If there is a lot of content on the page then you can make it into bulleted points to make it simpler. Do not forget that good web design is always understandable.

5.Avoid audio on website

If the user plans to stay on your site for long and read your content that they find interesting, do not make use of any audio on your website as it may annoy your visitor and this will lead to loss of traffic on the site. Even if you want to make use of such a thing then give a control to user to stop it or mute it.

6. SEO optimization

one of the most important things in website designing is SEO optimization of the website by usage of CSS and java scripts according to web standards. The correct content and design layout allows search engines to discover headings and keywords in the text easier.


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