Someone Just Like You!
Sunny • on 12 years ago • 1 min read

Someone I can talk to Someone I can trust. Someone who'll be there When my relationships rust.

Someone who'll save me, When everything goes wrong. Someone who'll comfort me And help me to be strong.

Someone who listens At any time of day. Someone who'll brighten Any sky that’s gray.

Someone who will always Want to be my friend. Someone who will fight for me, Until the bitter end.

Someone who will laugh with me Whenever I am glad. Someone who will be there When things go bad.

Someone who will understand My every weird emotion. Someone who will always be At my side with their devotion.

Someone who will always think Of me before themselves. Someone who will care for me And put their own worries onto shelves.

Someone who will always let Me act like the true me. Someone who will always be Just like I want to be

Someone who will always remain Incredibly cute and true- Someone who is my Best Friend. Someone just like U!


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  • Lalit Jain 12 years ago

    I agree with u sandeep.....

    Gals do more drama than boys,,,,,,,,,,,

    Actually their whole life is just based on drama.

    on every day, hour, minute they are just planning some drama in their mind......

    they are just DRAMA MINDED.

    C U.........