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Hair care for beautiful hair, healthy scalp

The Hair been playing for thousands of years in the history of mankind is a great role. Hair has become a status symbol, and certain Hairstyles and Hair reveal something about the wearer.

Hair Styling - an expression of personality Based on the hair can read a lot about the person. Whether YOU a severe bun, or open Curls bears and whether a short -cropped ER Bald head or long hair has is already a big difference in the effect on the viewer. There are countless hairstyles and haircuts, and over time usually takes any man the hair, the best to him or loathe him for just the easiest and most convenient care is. However, you can also sometimes get inspired and try something fashionable or make a new style.

Well-groomed hair - healthy hair Hair also suffers from the daily environmental influences. You can become dull and brittle when they are not maintained properly. Many are reduced in the hair on the Shampooing, while the hair needs a lot more. Extra long hair should - preferably after every wash - with a Conditioner be treated. This nourishes the hair and gives hair texture smoothness. This can be combed better and get a radiant glow.

Oily hair Greasy and lank hair due to an increased production of sebum on the scalp

Oily hair is a predisposition, which can look unkempt hair, the really neat quick. The cause is an increased production of sebum in the hair of the seated roots of sebaceous glands. To correct the situation created by the special shampoos.

Oily hair is the term for hair types that are relatively fast greasy and stringy, which shows up particularly at the base of the hair. In addition to dry and brittle hair this is the most common hair problem that can occur in both long and with short hair. Oily hairs are caused by overproduction of fat in the sebaceous glands.

These are thousands of times in the skin of every human being and just as naturally in the scalp. However, these produce too much sebum, so the hair at the base grease more quickly and then see from unsightly and often stringy. Remove this can be fat with the help of a hair wash, the hair usually on the next day look back already greasy. This effect is due to frequent washing also strengthened because the sebaceous glands respond to the frequent cleaning of the scalp and then produce more fat in order to bring them back to their equilibrium. These overproductions of the sebaceous glands are led to genetic predisposition, stress and metabolic disorders back.

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